6 Famous Dying Wishes: From Absurd & Hilarious to Thoughtful & Wise

The idea of death can horrify and intrigue; it is inevitable but often unexpected. The moment we arrive in this world, it is understood that we must leave one day too – nobody knows the specifics of their departure, but you’d be lying if you say you have never thought about the day when you’ll die. Human life is plagued by the thought of death because we cannot escape it; we hide fine lines and wrinkles behind aging creams and make-up, we work ourselves down to the bone at the gym in hopes that it might add a few years to our short lives, we spend ridiculous amounts of money researching methods to prolong what most saints and “enlightened” would call suffering and worthless attachments. Despite what philosophers and nihilists might say about human life, it is certain that most of us want to live as long as possible – at least our patterns of behaviour say so. But since death one day must come, most of us also feel this urge to equip ourselves with knowledge about what to expect, and how to prepare. What’d happen to the family? Who’d the dog go to? Are the kids old enough yet? As important as these questions are, death would hardly partake in reasoning. This is why living people make dying wishes – an irony that we’ll probably be explaining to aliens in some centuries. With that, we bring you 10 famous dying wishes made by people.

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1. A mother always has a special place – even for a terrorist.

2. Daughters are after all, daddy’s dearest. 

3. Aren’t doctors God’s men on earth?

4. When you’re gonna die but o

5. The love for one’s own creation:

6. Kashmir ki kali...

Well, fulfilled or not, last wishes often sum up a person’s life and ambitions. We hope you liked reading about these famous dying wishes. Check out the rest of our website for more interesting content!

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