12 Johnny Lever Meme Templates That Are Absolutely Hilarious

The era of the movies of 90s would have been incomplete without Johnny Lever. The evergreen comedy of modern cinema, Johnny Lever’s performances and comical timing entertained audiences for years. His equation with actors like Govinda, Kader Khan and Paresh Rawal was especially notable and they produced some of the most hilarious sequences in recent cinema. Johnny Lever meme templates have also been popular on the social media especially twitter.

From “Abhi Maza Aayega Na Bidhu” to “Maal Kidhar Hai?”, the one-liners of Johnny Lever from his popular movies have inspired several memes which often describe people’s life and everyday life situations.

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We bring you some of the funniest Johnny Lever Meme templates on the internet.

1. nobody
14 year old me to bubblewrap:

2. 14 years old me watching undertaker’s entry

3. me: oh no! background achcha nahi aaya hai

4. frontbencher: ma’am homework kab dekhoge?

5. friend starts singing

6. she: baby, mujhse shaadi karoge na?

7. me after opening the front camera in my phone

8. *friend puts sad status on WhatsApp*
me: what happened?

9. Umpires to Mumbai Indians team

10. OTT apps at the beginning of the month

11. tape se chipke 100 rs ke note ko shopkeeper ko chipkaane ke baad

12. me: tabiyat theek nahi lag rahi
Mom: aur ghus jaa phone me

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Which of these Johnny Lever meme templates did you find the most hilarious? Do let us know in the comments below!

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