10 Malayalam Movies That Make You Cry Hard Like A Little Baby!


Malayalam movies are the game-winners when it comes to producing low-budget brilliant movies because their stories are king! So, there is an endless list of such Malayalam movies that make you cry with the way their characters express themselves. Here, we have compiled the best Malayalam movies that will fill you with heavy emotions and you might need a bucket to collect all those pouring tears!

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1. Bangalore Days

It is a 2014 rom-com and a simple story of three cousins- Arjun, Kuttan, and Divya- who dream of relocating to their city of dreams- Bangalore. They work hard, and finally, they get a chance to go to Bangalore. However, their experiences of living in a metro city are not just a bed of roses- but a mixed bag of experiences. Their life challenges are quite relatable- and some of them would even make you sad.

2. Drishyam

A superhit crime thriller that also has an equally successful Bollywood remake- the original will remain the forever best! The Malayalam language movie starring Mohanlal in the main role is all about how far can a man go to save his own family’s happiness and safety. Well, you will unknowingly put yourself in his shoes and connect with whatever struggles this family is facing throughout the movie.

3. Charlie

Charlie is a romantic thriller about a young woman named Tessa who doesn’t want to get married, so she runs away from her home and rents a house- there she finds the sketchbook of the old tenant- who drew his life events in detail in the book. However, after an important event- the sketches end. What happened next is a long list of events, people, and their entangled lives- each story will bring out so many emotions in you.

4. Peranbu

A drama film about a man named Amudhavan whose wife is dejected with life and leaves him for good. He now has the responsibility of taking care of his daughter who is suffering from cerebral palsy- all alone. He faces rejection from society, his wife, and many other taboos, while also making sure that his daughter is safe and sound. His story will keep you crying throughout the movie.

5. Rani Padmini

An adventure thriller film about two women- Rani and Padmini who come from different walks of life. But, they cross paths while on an adventure trip and decide to travel together. Their strong bond takes them through different and even difficult paths- while they also share their life problems and give each other support. For all women, who need a film that they can relate to this one is a must-watch!


6. Premam

It is a romance film about a man who goes through many ups and downs of entering a relationship, and his emotions, feelings of loneliness, and depressive periods- all these are part of our modern-day relationships. It is an emotional movie that is worth a watch. An 8.3 IMDb-rated movie- that you can’t give a miss.

7. Ennu Ninte Moideen

A great romantic thriller that has an 8 IMDb rating- the movie is about pure love between a Hindu girl Kanchana, and a Muslim man named Moideen. They struggle hard to stay happy despite all the condemnation from their families and society. But, Moideen gets stabbed by his father, and Kanchana runs away from home to live at Moideen’s house as her forever widow. What’s more sad is the fact that the movie is based on a real-life story.

8. Chithram

A musical comedy, about a beautiful young woman whose engagement has broken off, and she decides to fake a marriage with Vishnu- so that her ailing father does not lose heart. But, Vishnu has a hidden secret, and Kalyani’s fake marriage has given her new hope of love. However, Vishnu is convicted of a bigger crime than she could ever imagine and he ends up bidding her goodbye before he is taken up for execution.

9. Kaazcha

A heartfelt drama film about a young man named Madhvan who lives a peaceful life in a small village. However, one day he finds a boy on the streets named- Pavan, who had recently lost his whole family because of the Guajarat earthquake. Madhavan decides to adopt him- thus starting an endearing and tearful journey of bonding between a young man and a little man.

10. Thanmathra

An emotional family drama film about a man who lives with his wife, son, and wife- a happy family! However, life gives them lemons when they learn that the bread earner of the house has Alzheimer’s disease. They are all now scared and the movie shows them trying to overcome this obstacle in life- to remain united and happy.

Malayalam movies are really good at making you feel emotional. They tell stories that touch your heart and make you cry with their actors’ powerful performances.

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