25 Best WWF Ads Which Are Too Creative & Thoughful

WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature Inc. (formerly known as World Wide Fund) is one of the forefront organizations working for wildlife preservation globally. WWF has been supporting thousands of conservation projects in more than 100 countries since its inception in the year 1961. WWF also releases several ads across the globe to promote the message of wildlife protection and reducing human impact on the environment. A look at some of the best WWF ads shows the thoughtfulness and creativity involved in creating awareness about animal preservation & environmental conservation.


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We bring you some of the best WWF Ads which are absolutely creative and thoughtful.

1. “Would You Care More If I Was _____”

Ogilvy Paris’ clever commercial for WNF demonstrates that even the “non-cute” animals that aren’t as guilt-inducing as the ones in the picture also require our assistance.

2. The Ice Cream

This creative ad by WWF demonstrates the earth in the form of melting ice cream to show the risks of global warming.

3. “Save Paper”

This creative ad by the WWF spreads the message that 18.6 kg of wood and other plant-based resources to create one roll of bumf. Therefore, paper should be used sparingly so as to not cause the waste of so many resources.

4. “Save Paper. Save the Planet”

This ad features paper dispensers to metaphorize the wastage of paper through dispensers and how it affects a country. The more paper you waste, the less green the country becomes.

5. Forest for Life!

Cutting Trees = Killing Elephants. Loss of habitat due to unchecked deforestation is destroying the habitats of tuskers all across the Globe.

6. It;s your Turn! 

Sharks or extravagant Soups? Crocodiles or leather bags? – The choices are ours to make. This WWF ad uses the globally popular game of Tic-Tac-Toe to smartly convey the message of protecting animals which are killed for extravagant products.



7. We endanger the future with One shot

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.” – Mufasa, The Lion King

8. Don’t cut off what cannot grow again! 

A smart way of telling about the irreversible damage caused by clearing of rainforests worldwide.

9. Plastic Predators! 

Plastic Pollution is becoming one of the largest predators in the Ocean – the only problem – it’s not a part of the cycle of life and nature.

10. Worthy!

Sandals at the cost of dying Pythons – Not worth it!

11. You romantic dinner or my life? 

Romantic Dinners with exotic food or the life of sea animals – Make your choice!

12. Refuse Single Use of Plastic! 

Plastic usage could be as dangerous as Atomic Bombs.

13. The risks of Polluted River Water! 

Polluted River water is as deadly as a Nuclear Explosion.

14. Be Responsible out there!

Carelessness can lead to Forest fire. Act Responsibly.

15. The Endangered Balance of the World

Every species is important to maintain the natural order and balance of ecosystems.

16. Before it’s too late…

Save the Lungs of the World. Save Rain forests. One of the best WWF ads indeed!

17. Imagine if this was Yours! 

Animals’ Heads are as decor – not cool!

18. Don’t let Garbage Replace Wildlife. 

Garbage & Wildlife Cannot Co-exist. Period.

19. Ready for Man-Made Tigers? 

Tigers are a species at risk of extinction all across the globe.

20. Frightening! 

Vultures may be considered an Omen but their disappearance is a far far more frightening sight for the planet.

21. Please Recycle. 

Recreating the real thing might be a hard job.

22. When you leave the light on, you are not the only one who pays.

You are not the only one bearing the cost of electricity at your home. Save Electricity. Save the Planet.

23. Puma!

The actual ‘Pumas’ are dwindling in number.

24. Your Waste is Fatal

Every plastic bottle in the Ocean is dangerous for the planet and aquatic life.

25. Don’t buy exotic animal Souvenirs 

Carrying an animal souvenir is akin to carrying a dead animal with you.

Quite creative and very impactful! Are there any other creative WWF ads we need to add to this collection? Comment below!

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