10 Most Watched YouTube Channels Of India


People watch YouTube videos to entertain themselves, often, some creators repeatedly put out content that brings the same and more viewers to their channels. Some of these are comedians, other specialise in technology. Really, what attracts viewers is what interests them and these YouTubers have the most watched YouTube channels of India because they have figured out what attracts their audience. If you’re looking for entertainment of all kinds, look no further.


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1. CarryMinati 

Ajey Nagar, better known online as CarryMinati, is a streamer and YouTuber from the Indian city of Faridabad. On his YouTube account CarryMinati, he is well known for his roasting videos, comedy sketches, and responses to numerous online topics. CarryisLive, his second channel, is devoted to games and live streams.

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2. Total Gaming 

The largest gamer in the Free Fire Community is Ajju Bhai. His Youtube channel, Total Gaming, has almost 30 million subscribers. Ajay, better known as Ajju Bhai, is a native of Gujarat who launched the Total Gaming YouTube channel on October 9. Ajju Bhai posts videos of a variety of games on his channel, including GTA 5, Free Fire, and Pubg. The public also favours his fashion sense greatly.

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3. Ashish Chanchlani Vines 

Ashish Chanchlani is a comedian and YouTuber from India who is well-known for his parodies and humorous content. He began his career on Vine, earning the term “ashish chanchlani vines,” before switching to Instagram and then YouTube. The third most subscribed YouTuber from India is Ashish Chanchlani, behind CarryMinati and Amit Bhadana.

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4. Techno Gamerz 

The success of one of Techno Gamerz, or Ujjwal’s, initial videos led to his brother encouraging him to post other videos. His first popular video was a guide to downloading Dragon Ball Z that received 250k views and helped his channel grow. After this, he switched to making video game tutorials, which was successful. On January 6, 2019, he got 100k subscribers on his channel. On January 20, 2018, he also started a second channel called “Ujjwal” where he posted PUBG footage and occasionally broadcast. His channel rapidly expanded once he published his first GTA video.

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5. Round2Hell 


The channel was first created to broadcast montages of football games. They were dismayed by the 120 views it received. They so decided to upload “Part 2” of the video, which was moderately popular and helped to increase the channel’s popularity. The channel’s first profits were donated to charitable organisations and foundations that support the underprivileged. At first, their parents weren’t too encouraging of them, but over time, they began to have some faith in them. Their friend Alam Saifi was the one who urged them on the channel in the beginning when no one supported them. This is one of the most watched YouTube channels of India.

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6. Mr. Indian Hacker 

Dilraj started out by pursuing a profession on YouTube. Instead of seeking degrees based on theoretical understanding, he was more interested in expanding his practical expertise. He had no prior knowledge of being a YouTuber at the time. As his YouTube career progressed, he acquired the skills necessary to produce expert films and conduct tests securely. Although he has five high-end cameras, he only uses one of them for his videos. He always records audio with a collar-hung microphone. He refers to his followers as the “Titanium Army,” and the disclaimers in his videos read, “We have titanium in our blood!”

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7. BB Ki Vines 

Indian comedian, writer, singer, songwriter, and YouTube celebrity Bhuvan Avnindra Shankar Bam hails from Delhi. He is well-known for his YouTube comedy channel, BB Ki Vines.

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8. Amit Bhadana 

An Indian comedian and YouTube star named Amit Bhadana gained notoriety when his cover of the Adele song “Hello” went viral on social media. He made another dubbing video on Eminem after his first popular one, and that one also gained a lot of traction. After CarryMinati, Amit Bhadana has the second-highest number of subscribers in India among non-corporate YouTubers.

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9. Sandeep Maheshwari 

At the age of 19, Maheshwari began his career as a model, but he was forced to end it due to abuse and exploitation. He founded Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. and began creating model portfolios with the goal of assisting several models. He founded a second unnamed company in 2002, but it failed after only six months. He launched ImagesBazaar in 2006. Even after experiencing so many business failures, he persisted. He began holding sessions with his visitors at his little institution in February 2012, recording them with less expensive cameras, and uploading them to YouTube. He had more than 1000 subscribers by November 2012.

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10. Technical Guruji

In October 2015, Chaudhary began his Technical Guruji channel, where he mostly shared advise and product evaluations. The channel immediately gained popularity, and in 2017 Chaudhary started a second channel where he would post videos about his personal life. The Technical Guruji channel of Chaudhary kept expanding quickly. Technical Guruji was listed as the 9th most subscribed tech YouTube channel in September 2018. According to a report from November 2018, Chaudhary became the first tech YouTuber to reach more than 10 million subscribers.

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This was our list of the most watched Youtube channels of India. These are very popular and diverse. We hope you enjoy watching the videos that pique your interest!

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