15 Movies That Will Make You Cry Till You Run Out Of Tears

Isn’t it beautiful how a 100-130 minute motion picture can make us feel a variety of emotions. Be it joy, anger, regret, or sadness, movies hold the power of conveying emotions so elaborately that viewers can’t help but melt into the aura that a movie generates. We often find ourselves gravitating towards comedy movies when we are sad because we know that while things aren’t looking so good, those movies can create a whole different world as a means of escape. And while the hilarity of comedy movies provides a great way of letting the tension go, there is another world of sad movies that offers a much more cathartic way of emotional release. There’s a possibility that you’ll end up feeling shittier but there is also a surety of a new and better perspective that will help you get through tough situations. Well, if you are looking for such sad movies, look no more because we are here with a list of 15 movies that will make you cry till you run out of tears and tissues.

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1. The Pursuit Of Happyness

Based on a book of the same name by Chris Gardner, the movie is a story of how a homeless man takes care of his young son on the streets of San Fransisco. The director Gabrielle Muccino has depicted the struggles of everyday life of the man in a very nuanced way that will make anyone reflect on the luxuries of life they possess. Based on the real-life experiences of the writer, the movie stars the real father-son duo of Will Smith and Jaden Smith. The performances by both actors are very moving and will make you feel each emotion with great intensity.

Streaming Platform: Netflix 

2. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Oh boy, this is a tough one. Hachi tells the real story of an Akita who is adopted by a man (Richard Gere) and their chronicles thereafter. It follows Hachi as he waits every day for his human outside the train station and takes a heartbreaking turn when the human fails to show up. The movie highlights the loyalty an animal can bear. The movie only gets sadder and sadder so be prepared to shed some real fat tears.

Streaming Platform: Prime Video

3. Inside Out

You think you’re tough enough and an animated movie won’t make you cry? Well, think again. Inside Out is a Pixar animated movie revolving around Riley and her family. Emotions are complex, they are tough to understand. The movie tries to explain these emotions by personifying each of them and signifying their importance. The movie is an important lesson on emotional intelligence and how each individual functions at their own level. The movie is a must-watch for both children and adults alike.

Steaming Platform: Disney+ 


4. My Girl

My Girl is a movie that serves as a reminder of the bliss of innocence during our childhood. It tells the tale of Vada a presumed hypochondriac and her family of two- her father and grandfather. It delves into her friendship with Thomas (Macaulay Culkin). Everything in her life is disrupted when her father falls for another woman but that’s not even the most tragic part of the movie. The movie might seem like a happy one but further along, it will just leave you with tears down your face.

5. Coco 

Another seemingly harmless animated movie that will destroy you emotionally. Coco is the story of Miguel, a music-loving young boy who goes beyond his family’s restrictions on music. Somehow he ends up in the Land of the Dead where he encounters several revelations about his family and also about life. The message the movie carries is an emotional one but the musical theme prevents it from becoming heavy. These kinds of animated movies are a perfect way of introducing children to sensitive topics.

Streaming Platform: Disney+

6. Soul

This movie is enough to make a grown man cry. As we grow older, we get so tied up with our careers and making others happy that we tend to forget our own happiness and passion. The movie tries to explain exactly that through the story of Mr. Joe a middle school teacher who realizes that his abandoned passion has led him to not really live his life. The movie serves as a reminder that doing what we like is the only way we can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Streaming  Platform: Disney+ 

7. WALL-E 

Released in 2008, the movie was way ahead of its time. No, quite literally. Wall-E is a computer animated science fiction movie that tells the tale of two earth cleaning robots. Unlike the previous didactic animated movies, this one takes a romantic turn when the two robots fall in love with each other. The love between the two robots in the movie is probably the best expression of love the modern world can generate. The story of the movie is one of a kind. This emotionally stirring movie is extremely underrated and will make you cry.

Streaming platform: Disney+ 

8. Marley and Me

Somehow movies that involve dogs are way sadder than normal movies expressing human emotions. This movie is a perfect example. Marley and Me is a one-time watch just because of how much it will make you ugly cry. Otherwise, it’s perfect. Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, It perfectly depicts the joys and the struggles of handling a pet. While the joys certainly outweigh the struggles, there is one point in a dog’s life that no human will ever be able to handle. The movie truly makes us realize that dogs are just a part of our world but we ARE their entire world.

Streaming platform: Prime Video

9. The Green Mile

The Green Mile is the greatest adaptation of legendary horror writer Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Prisons house some of the world’s most evil people. However, among them lie some innocent souls who have been wrongly convicted of crimes. This is one such story of John Coffey, a black man who is sentenced to death for murdering two girls and his unusual friendship with Paul, the headguard of the prison. Paul the empathic headguard comes to know of John’s healing powers and innocence that completely changes his perspective of him. The magical realism portrayed in the movie is exceptional making it a must watch.

10. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind shows Jim Carrey in a completely different light than we are used to. The movie is a poignant and bizarre love story with a deep and profound message that one cannot miss. The realistic portrayal of love in the movie is so endearing. The cinematography, screenplay and background score together make for a perfect movie that will take you on an emotional roller coaster.

Streaming platform: Prime Video 

11. One True Thing

The 1998 movie One True Thing talks about the one thing most people get emotional about- family. Starring Meryl Streep, Renee Zellweger, William Hurt and Lauren Graham, the movie focuses on the daily problems of a family with an ailing member. The realistic portrayal of families makes the movie more relatable and hence more emotional. It is a must watch.

Streaming Platform: Prime Video

12. Forrest Gump

This movie made quite a name for its unusual love story and also for Tom Hanks’ stellar performance. The movie delves into the personal account of Forrest who has a low IQ and ends up being a part of some major historical events. It takes a deep dive into his life as a man with a low IQ. Despite all of that his end goal still remains to reunite with his long-lost love.

Streaming platform: Prime Video 

13. Call Me By Your Name

Starring Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer, Call Me By Your Name is a coming of age movie set in scenic Italy. The movie is about a young boy who falls in love with a house guest. This story of forbidden and unusual love is conveyed in the most beautiful way possible in the movie. However, this movie wouldn’t have been in the list if something tragic weren’t to happen. The visuals of the movie are spectacular and the last scene is something that you should look out for.

Streaming Platform: Netflix 

14. The notebook 

The Notebook is considered to be one of the most romantic movies to ever exist. Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, it deals with yet another story of socially unacceptable love between a poor man and a woman of high class. The love between the two and the conflicts shown in the movie are realistic enough to draw every viewer in and engage them in this beautiful love story. The Notebook is an all time classic and it had to be included in this list of movies that will make you cry.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

15. Up 

An old man, a kid, a dead wife, and a dog. The star cast is set to move you to tears with the very first frame. However, while being poignant the movie provides fun and adventure- something that only animated movies can do. Directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, the movie revolves around Carl, an old widower who takes on an adventure when real estate interests become a threat. The problem arises when unexpected visitors Russell, a young scout and Dough a dog end up tagging along. The movie through subtle nuances portrays eternal love. The development of Carl’s character in the movie too is noteworthy.

Streaming Platform: Disney+ 

This was our list of 15 movies that will make you cry. Some are tragic, some are so filled with emotion that one cannot resist being a part of it. Nevertheless, all of these movies have an important message that one needs to pay close attention to. Just make sure you are with a friend while you watch these, so you can watch them together. Sad Boi hours commence now :’)

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