7 Times When Shah Rukh Khan Aced The Negative Character On Screen

Shah Rukh Khan is not only the King of Bollywood but also the King of Romance. His on-screen chemistry with all his female counterparts and the way he makes love look so beautiful, rightfully made him earn his title. The charm and sweetness with which he plays the role, makes us fall in love with him all over again. But in this article, we are going to talk about ‘SRK in negative roles’ throughout his versatile filmography.

Apart from the iconic ‘spreading his arms’ look, SRK has played several roles where he broke the arms of the lead. With the teaser release of Jawan, SRK’s bald avatar and villainous fury has created quite a buzz among SRKians. The dialogue “Jab main villain banta hoon na tab mere saamne koi bhi hero tik nai sakta” from the teaser is trending and for the right reasons.

This dialogue stands true for whenever Shah Rukh portrayed the villainous role, he outshined his positive counterpart. This got us thinking about SRK in negative roles throughout his journey. Take a look at some!

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1. SRK as Rahul Mehra | Darr 

One of Shah Rukh’s best on-screen performances till date was playing this obsessive one-sided lover stammering his way through the film with “k..k..kk… kiran”. Though it was a risky choice as he was just starting out and could have been typecast as a villain forever but SRK went on to ace the role, win accolades and be the hero he is today.

2. SRK as Vijay Agnihotri | Anjaam

A rich businessman turned into a heartbroken psychopath is the perfect way a villain is made and when your villain is SRK, you have achieved peak perfection. Though the movie itself did not fare well at the box office, King Khan went on to win the Filmfare Best Actor award in a negative role for his critically acclaimed performance.

3. SRK as Ajay Sharma | Baazigar

No one could have played the role of a cold-blooded killer with a revengeful plan to destroy an entire family better than SRK. As an anti-hero character, Shah Rukh showcased his range as an actor and captivated the audience throughout the movie. His monologue when he confessed to Madan Chopra about his true identity is especially breathtaking. Of course, he won the Best Actor in a leading role Filmfare award.

4. SRK in and as Don | Don

Remaking any iconic movie is a challenging task and especially for the actor to live up to the standards of another superstar of his time. But SRK not only portrayed the iconic character of Don but also made his own version a classic of all time. Although the box office gave rather less attention to it, Don went on to become one of the cult films over the coming years.

5. SRK as Raees Aslam | Raees

SRK’s ability to portray a negative character with such fury even at the age of 51 is awe-spiring. As a goon and illegal business owner, Shah Rukh nails the character and proves his worth as a versatile actor. At a time when the box office wasn’t faring well with stereotypical masala movies, it was SRK’s charm that brought in audiences for the typical 70’s movie storyline of Raees.

6. SRK as Gaurav | Fan

SRK’s dialogue in Jawan that says when he is a villain, no hero could stand in his way, is actually very true because the only hero to beat villain SRK is SRK himself. Shah Rukh’s portrayal as his own fan in Fan who turns from a harmless admirer to a full-blown psycho is remarkable. The way he portrays the emotions Gaurav goes through is yet another example of how Shah Rukh brings life to a character.

7. SRK | Jawan

The excitement of the upcoming movie Jawan with SRK in a negative role is evident with country-wide hype with just its teaser. People are eagerly waiting to watch King Khan take on the anti-hero avatar on screen and relive the “Darr” era of SRK. With his past portrayal of negative characters, people have a lot of expectations from Jawan and hopefully ‘KING’ would live up to them.

When Shah Rukh Khan’s filmography is seen through the years, we know why he is the Badshah- the fury of a villain, the charm of a hero, the jovial nature of a boy, and the wisdom of a man- SRK has done it all. Shah Rukh’s cheesy rom-coms are undoubtedly a cult classic genre of movie but SRK in negative roles is a treat for no one can deny.

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