15 Viral Pakistani Meme Templates Every Indian loved

We ‘desis’ always have a love and hate relationship with our neighbors, isn’t it? While we enjoy their company and seek their help at times, we also never fail to take a dig at them or mock them. But, yes we simply love watching our neighbors. Hence, it’s no surprise that Pakistani viral videos, internet sensations and pakistani meme templates are equally loved by the Indian Internet audiences and memers.

From ‘Bik Gayi Hai Gormint’ to ‘Waqt badal diya, Zajbat Badal Diya’, the epic viral videos, scenes from shows and responses from Pakistanis have won over the Indian Internet. We bring you some of the gems we got from Pakistan  on the internet recently here in this article.

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Here’s a list of some of the most viral Pakistani meme templates on the Internet.

1. Me when I see people eating poha with ketchup

2. Me before viva: I am fully prepared this time
Me during viva:

3. *When the teacher insults my crush in front of me*
le me:

4. Me after smoking 2 puffs of a joint:

5. Physics teacher after watching Rohit Shetty movies

6. Me: Mummy, night out kar lu aaj?
Mom: No

7. Disha Patani in the 1st half of every movie:

8. Passenger: bas me jagah nahi hai, kaha baithe?

9. *winter arrives*
water to my nose:

10. me after 5 minutes of studying maths

11. Me after scrolling through my FB status posted 5 years ago

12. When you spot your friend in Bhandara

13. HRs during judging the rangoli competition in the office

14. Me and my cousins when parents are out of town

15. Me after watching the 2003 world cup final

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Which of these Pakistani meme templates is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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