21 Weirdest “Fashion” Outfits We’ve Ever Seen

The world of fashion keeps surprising us year after year. Every season on fashion runways, we see styles that are literally out of this world, for both good and bad reasons. But once in a while we come across “styles” that literally make us wonder what the designer was smoking when he or she came up with them. Not only are these designs unwearable, they seem totally impractical. One can only imagine people’s reactions if somebody walks out on the streets wearing these outfits. Eye brows will be raised. Jaws will drop. And there would be laughter everywhere! Think we are being too harsh?


Well, here are 21 of the weirdest designs we’ve seen making rounds on the fashion circuit in the recent past. Try them on at your own risk.

1) How many poor chickens had to die for this outfit?

2) Just don’t wear this around a kid.

3) And they find hijab and burkas regressive. Sigh.

4) Is that a hand bag or a bondage contraption?

5) Probably she’s just wearing it wrong.

6) That looks more like a car mat to me.

7) That’s taking distressed denims a bit too far.

8) Transparent jeans? No thanks.

9) What exactly is that?

10) A dress made out of hats. Ok then.

11) This one is only fit for Eskimos.

12) Whatever happened to jeans with regular legs?

13) Is it a blanket or a razai? We can’t tell.

14) How would he eat with this shirt on?

15) Ok. Next.

16) Yes, we all love a fully grown man dressed like a baby.

17) Look at her top carefully.

18) Yep. She has the whole garden on her.

19) Can she see in that?

20) Maybe somebody who likes frills A LOT could wear this.

21) Finally this. Enough said.

Thanks to these designs, I love my blue jeans and white tee even more.

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