11 Worst Pieces Of Cricket Commentary You Cannot Miss

Cricket Commentary is not a cakewalk! It’s a tough job trying to make every match, including the dead rubbers seem exciting. While there are people like Harsha Bhogle who have ruled the commentary box, legends and respected figures of the Cricketing fraternity have committed unforgivable errors during the commentary. We bring you some of the worst pieces of cricket commentary that you just cannot miss.

1. This gem from world cup winning captain Kapil Dev is a perfect example! 

Worst Cricket Commentary (1)

2. Oops! That was too much of a detail Ramiz! 

Worst Cricket Commentary (2)

3. Why so Punny? 

Worst Cricket Commentary (3)

4. It’s Naughty Ramiz, again! 

5. Thank you for the insight. We’re privileged! 

6. Why Maninder, Why? 

7. Woah! How did this happen? 

8. What else did you expect up there?

9. Stop it, Russel!

10. Sunil, where do you score your stuff from?

Worst Cricket Commentary (10)

11. Not expected from you!

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These were some of the worst cricket commentary pieces we have witnessed. That was too much. It’s up to the commentators to keep the audience hooked and the match interesting, but not by making absurd remarks. They better realize millions are listening to them!

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