10 Best YouTube Channels on Indian History To Follow

By learning about other people’s lives and struggles, history fosters empathy. Studying the diversity of human experience enables us to identify and respect other people’s cultures, ideas, and traditions as valuable byproducts of certain historical periods and geographic locations. It is imperative that we, as a society, give importance to learning and understanding our history. This is why, we have collated a list of the top 10 YouTube channels on Indian history!


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1. Study IQ 
Subscribers: 12.5 M
For UPSC & State PCS preparation, StudyIQ IAS is a platform trusted by millions of people around India. The most watched education channel in the world with 1.3 billion members and over 100 million monthly views.

2. Pathfinder 
Subscribers: 665 K
Dr. Mahipal Rathore, one of India’s most renowned teachers for UPSC CSE preparation, channels the spirit “Pathfinder.” This channel is your all-inclusive reference for anything and everything connected to Civil Services Exam Preparation, with regularly scheduled sessions curated for Current Affairs, History, Polity, Science & Tech, and International Relations.

3. Study Glows 
Subscribers: 1.28 M
Millions of people worldwide rely on the knowledge platform known as Study Glows Education. For all exams, competitive and non-competitive, government and non-government, Study Glows offers high-quality instruction. Deliver information about investment, book reviews, personality development, and other intriguing topics as well.

4. Abhijit Chavda 
Subscribers: 393k
India welcomed Abhijit Chavda into the world on November 6, 1976. He is a writer, historian, geopolitical analyst, and theoretical physicist. He is also a director, editor, and host of a podcast called “The #AskAbhijit Show” (2020-), in which he responds to real-time questions from a large audience around the world.

5. Rau’s IAS 
Subscribers: 688k
Dr. S. Rau established Rau’s IAS in 1953. Rau’s IAS Study Circle has been at the forefront of actual learning for more than 60 years and offers the best IAS tutoring and advice on how to prepare for the IAS test. It is presently regarded as Delhi’s top UPSC coaching centre due to its consistently high Civil Services Exam success record. For the General Studies Integrated (GSI) course of the UPSC/IAS Foundation Course, Rau’s IAS is currently regarded as the top coaching facility.

6. PhiloSophic
Subscribers: 1.44 M

This YouTube channel educates today’s youth about the happenings of history in a way that is easy to understand and full of information. This is easily one of the best YouTube channels on Indian history.

7. Drishti IAS 
Subscribers: 9 M
On November 1, 1999, “Drishti The Vision Foundation,” popularly known as “Drishti IAS,” was established. Drishti IAS has locations in three cities at the moment. Its primary location is Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi. There are locations for it in Prayagraj and Jaipur.”

8. Shankar IAS
Subscribers: 343k
The top tutoring facility for the Civil Services Exams in South India is Shankar IAS Academy, which is located in Anna Nagar, Chennai. with locations in Madurai, Salem, Adayar, Bengaluru, and Thiruvananthapuram. People from all across India who want to perfect their preparation for careers in the Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, and other elite bureaucratic services rank Shankar IAS Academy as the top tutoring facility for civil services.

9. Live History India 
Subscribers: 195k
This digital media business, Live History India wants to build a platform to aid in rediscovering the numerous elements of this wonderful nation. They strive to revive and present the best works on India through our work and your support, and they support any effort made by people, organisations, groups, and the government to resurrect our magnificent legacy.

Subscribers: 28.7k 

One of the top educational institutes in India, ALS was founded with the intention of becoming the ultimate destination for all career beginning programmes. The unwavering reputation of ALS is largely a result of its strict standards and emphasis on the academic and personal growth of each learner.

This was our list of the best YouTube channels on Indian History. Did you learn something today? We sure hope you did!

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