12 Best Episodes of Crime Patrol To Watch and Stay Alert

Doesn’t Anup Soni’s deep voice, as he gives the warning, ‘Stay Alert, Stay Safe,’ send shivers down your spine? Almost everyone in India has seen at least one episode of this hugely popular crime show. Some episodes still stand out as the finest of Crime Patrol celebrated for their gripping narratives and compelling visuals. Crime Patrol, an Indian true crime anthology TV series, debuted in 2003 and ran successfully for 7 seasons, airing on Sony Entertainment Television.

The show was launched with the aim of raising awareness about the growing crimes in our society. Its popularity led to the creation of a spin-off series in 2015, titled ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100.’ While the original show may have concluded, the stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu mentioned in one of his routines, and the availability of episodes on YouTube has kept its fame alive. Explore the top 12 episodes of Crime Patrol here.

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1. Baansuriwala

This heartfelt episode shows how a kind policeman and the navigation system of Google Earth help a lost man reunite with his family after 20 years.

2. King and Pawns

This story has more than one episode that follows the story of police investigating the supari killing of a Country liquor don Anand Pillai.

3. Broken Fate

It shows the story of Sanjay, a truck driver, trying to free Chanda, an escort from the clutches of her profession by marrying her. But is that true and if it is, will that really happen?

4. E-Banking Frauds

It shows the story of a bank techie stealing money from the bank she is working in to help her friend. However, she does not realize the gravity of the crime that she has committed.

5. The Journey

This too is a positive episode that shows a priest traveling through a bus where he finds a troublesome man sitting beside him. On asking, he comes to know about the fraud committed against him and how he is in dire need of a kidney donor. The priest then decides to donate his kidney and also raise funds for the operation.

6. A Teenager Goes Missing

This episode shows a happy and positive teenager brimming with hopes of a bright future goes missing. The family files for a missing case and the police gather all possible information from his close friends. However, the result of the investigation turns out to be shocking.

7. Betarteeb

It shows the story of a young woman- Madhuri who stays with her elder brother and his wife but one day his brother returns home and finds his sister lying dead in her room.

8. Nithari Killings

This episode focused on the infamous Nithari case that happened in Nodia, wherein many children were abducted and killed.

9. The Missing Family

A father comes home one day and finds the whole family including- His daughter Kanchan and her two children missing from home.

10. Quest for Happiness

It shows the story of a daily wage worker who is not able to provide for his wife and kids and quarrels with his wife often. However, one day when he meets a woman he feels happy again only to be found murdered the next day.

11. Overlooked

This episode is based on a robbery where the diamonds from the lockers of the big diamond merchants go missing and the police are confused about it.

12. Delhi Horrifying Case

This episode presented the infamous and sensitive Delhi rape case that ignited fire all around the nation. The episode was an ode to the woman and her family who bravely fought against the monsters in the form of humans.

Which of the episodes from the above compiled 12 best episodes of Crime Patrol have you already watched? Tell us in the comments.

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