12 Best Episodes of Indian Matchmaking To Binge Watch Today

Indian Matchmaking is one such reality show that has had only 3 seasons but created a lot of hype- all thanks to the host and matchmaker- Seema Taparia aka Seema Aunty. Her witty and blunt way of talking reminds us of our Massi and Bua who often give us marriage-related advice. On the other hand, the different and unique clients of Seema also make for an interesting watch! A lot of memes, reaction videos, and reviews are made on this intriguing series that shows the dates of Seema’s clients who are looking for their better halves but need help to find that ‘Special Someone’. Many of you must have already watched this show, though, if you haven’t- worry not! We have curated a list of some of the best episodes of India matchmaking. Check out some of the most entertaining and best episodes of Indian Matchmaking to binge-watch with a lot of junk food and forget all the worries of the world!

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1. It’s High Time (Season 1 – Episode 6)

A lot goes into the making of this episode- Akshay has rejected 70 matches and the one that he dates- Preeti has also given him an ultimatum. Another client, Ankita is a progressive-thinking girl and looking for a person with a similar mindset.

2. Adjustment and Compromise (Season 1 – Episode 8)

The two favorite words of Seema Taparia are echoed throughout this episode in which she is trying her best to convince all the suiters to adjust a little and try to ‘be happy’ with their matches.

3. Very Chulbuli (Season 2 – Episode 6)

This episode shows stories of a New York girl Sheetal trying to open up with a chatty and charming date. While other prospects like Viral also want more after a rocky first date.

4. I Want to See You Again (Season 1 – Episode 4)

While some prospects like Nadia have a promising date, others like Aparna are suggested to seek advice from the astrologer for better guidance!

5. I’m Trying My Best! (Season 1 – Episode 3)

This episode saw many of the couples trying their hard to ‘fall in love’ with each other as Seema suggests. Nadia and Vinay have setbacks, Aparna is given two more prospects, and Pradhyuman finally decides to go on a date.

6. I Love You Like a Friend (Season 2 – Episode 4)

In this episode, Seema has to tackle some old clients. Meanwhile, she is also dealing with some existing clients who are making friends instead of finding love on their dates!

7. Be a Boss, Marry a Boss, Build an Empire (Season 2 – Episode 2)

In this interesting episode, Seema is seen urging Akshay to change his thinking in order to find a perfect match. And, Nadia and Vishal are doing anything but vibing on the same level- a lot to cover in one episode!

8. I’ve Dated Lots of Chicks (Season 2 – Episode 1)

This episode saw the entry of Akshay, one of the famous clients of Seema, who was always looking for love in his life- but his small town has limited options prompting him to take help.

9. The Looks of Clint Eastwood (Season 2 – Episode 5)

This episode shows a new client- Shital debating about Seema ji’s comprising tactic and talks openly about her firm choices in a life partner that she wants no matter what!

10. All The Bases Covered (Season 2 – Episode 7)

While Shital rethinks her options and her choices when all her dates don’t go very well, on the other hand, Seema’s new client Vinesh also starts losing hope after trying to look for great chemistry on his dates.

11. Take the Bobby (Season 3 – Episode 2)

In another one of the most interesting episodes, Seema meets with the founders of the South Asian dating apps- a traditionalist meets the modernist! And, Bobby and Priya- a couple take a salsa class together to bond over dance.

12. A Top Knot Appreciator (Season 3 – Episode 4)

This episode of Season 3 saw different shades of what life looks like- while Rushali is taking the help of a life coach, Vikash is one such client who is trying but can’t give up on his checklist for a life partner.

Watch all the above-mentioned best episodes of Indian Matchmaking on Netflix and tell us which one entertained you the most!

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