12 Viral Meme Templates From Nayak – The Iconic Anil Kapoor Starrer Movie!

As a kid who grew up watching Bollywood movies on Star Gold, Zee Cinema and Sony Max, Nayak was one of my favorites which I watched again and again. The story of a ‘Ek Din ka Chief Minster’ was loved by the audiences in an era full of news of corrupt and inefficient politicians. With the advent of social media, meme templates from Nayak have become popular amongst the online audiences, memers and twitteratis.

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We bring you some of the epic meme templates from Nayak. Here, we go…

1. When you buy a new pen and it disappears by the end of the day

2. Me after watching YouTube ads for 5 seconds

3. RCB fans after every IPL season

4. When you are enjoying the food in a marriage ceremony and the cameraman focuses on you

5. Whenever I receive spam calls

6. Friend (on the phone): baby, sach me cousin se baat kar raha tha.

7. Me to my friends before attending dad’s phone call.

8. Indian team members to Yuvraj after hitting 6 sixes in an over to Stuart Broad

9. When your friend gets drunk and starts talking in English

10. Friend: Bhai kal se main daaru peena band kar raha hu

11. She: Listen, I need to talk

12. Me: Let’s go on a trip this weekend
Friend: I’m totally broke 🙁 tu paise de dega?

13. Nobody:
Virender Sehwag:

14. Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Me: sir, aapki jagah

15. *2007 T20 World cup -IND v/s Eng match*
Yuvraj to Flintoff:

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Hope you loved and enjoyed these meme templates from Nayak! Which of these is your favorite?

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