25 Shayaris About Love That You Can Definitely Relate To!


There’s no better way to talk about love than through poetry… after all, words often fall short to describe this feeling that can more or less consume us. Which is why bring you 25 shayaris about love that you’ll find relatable!


1. Love can sometimes render you useless. 

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2. Kambhaqt ishq mein kya gire, neelaam ho gaye. 

3. Behta dariya wapas mode, uska naam mohabbat hai. 

4. There’s no end to the tests of love.

5. Usi ko dekh kar jeete hain jis kaafir par dum nikle. 

6. When you’re proud of who you love. 

7. My love for you isn’t gone just yet. 

8. There’ more to the world than love. 

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9. Woh rooth kar bhi mujhse muskura kar milta hai.

10. Being in love isn’t the worst of crimes.

11. Aur kya dekhne ko baaqi hai, aapse dil laga ke dekh liya!

12. What’s love without some drama?

13. Seekh kar gaya mohabbat woh mujhse, ab jisse bhi karega bemisaal karega!


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14. Life doesn’t feel like life without you. 

15. Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai, woh humara waqt nahi tha, par iska yeh matlab ahi ki woh ishq nahi tha!

16. Main aur meri tanhaai, aksar ye baatein karte hain…

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17. Nothing’s sadder than not being on the same page about what you want from each other. 

18. The night feels lonely without you. 

19. Let’s not intellectualize love.

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20. Kuch door saath chalo, uss mod tak hi. Jab mod aayega, main bataunga hi nahi!

21. With love, there’s always some tears involved. 

22. You never know where your life will take you. 

23. Love doesn’t have a language, it’s spoken with one’s eyes. 

24. Tere aane se toh kuch badla nahi, Raat bhi aayi thi aur chand bhi tha. Haan magar, neend nahi!

25. Kabhi dimag, kabhi dil, kabhi nazar mein raho, ye sab tumhare hi ghar hain, kisi bhi ghar mein raho.

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Did you enjoy these shayaris about love? Tell us your favourite one in the comments below!

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