10 Best Tamil Movies of 2023 on Netflix You Should Binge Watch


Netflix makes sure to add all the latest Tamil movies that you couldn’t watch in cinemas. In 2023, many new movies have been released in all genres including, action, romance, horror, thriller, and family drama. You can decide which genres you like and select these movies to watch on your next ‘Netflix and chill’ session! And, there is no way you would try missing out on these interesting stories when you feel like killing boredom, right? So, check out this curated list of the 10 best Tamil Movies of 2023 on Netflix:

1. Takkar

An action drama romance movie about a money-minded boy trapped on a road trip with a girl who hates money and thinks it is the root cause of all the distress in the world. Diyanka Kaushik and Yogi Babu played the lead roles in the movie directed by Karthik G. Krish.

2. Thunivu

Directed and written by H. Vinoth, this action drama movie tells the story of a daredevil man who along with his team plans a heist to loot all the money in many rich banks.

3. Vaathi

This Dhanush starrer movie is focused on the story of a young man (Dhanush), a private-school teacher, who declares a fight against all the corrupt people controlling government schools in an Indian state. This pure action drama is directed by Venky Atluri.

4. Kannai Nambathey

A crime-thriller movie about a crime that interconnects two lovers and their one friend. The suspect tries to justify his crime and come out of this trouble unharmed. It stars Udhayanidhi Stalin, and Aathmika in the main roles.

5. Thalaikoothal

It is a neo-noir drama movie about a man balancing the hospital bills of his comatose father and the suggestions of his family for getting his father euthanasia. This movie is written and directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, and stars Vasundhara Kashyap, Kathir, and Katha Nandi in important roles.


6. Asvins

Directed by Tarun Teja, this horror psychological thriller is about a group of vloggers who discover a haunted mansion in the UK that was owned by a mysterious archeologist. It is a nice thriller movie!

7. Maamannan

A suspense drama movie, Maamannan has got great music composed by A.R Rehman, and a nice story about the power struggle between a former statement and his son, and the scion of a powerful political family. This cold-blooded war between two powers is full of action, suspense, and drama! It is directed by Mari Selvaraj, and stars Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, and Fahadh Fasil in prominent roles.

8. Theera Kadhal

A romance drama about two ex-lovers getting together and sparks flying once again! The only problem is both of them are married now and still one of them believes that they can still get back together. This Rohin Venkatesan directed movie features Jai, Amzath Khan, Shivada Nair, and KS Krishnan in important roles.

9. Thiruvin Kural

An Arulnithi, and Aathmika starter movie- this thriller drama movie is about one man with hearing and speech disabilities, is single-handedly trying to save his injured father from a ruthless gang.

10. Adai Mazhai Kaalam

It is a Malaysian Tamil-language fantasy romance movie about a man trying to find and understand deeply the meaning of love, it purpose, and its eternal value. It is directed by Karthik Shamalan and gives out the message of ‘seize the moment’.

How many have you added to your ‘weekend watch list’ from the above 10 best Tamil movies of 2023 on Netflix? Tell us in the comments.

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