11-Year-Old ‘Sleepwalked’ 160 Km; Created A Guinness World Record!

Strange and bizarre stories have always been around. Be it today or 100 years ago, people’s antics never failed to fascinate the world. We bring you today a very bizarre incident from 1980s America. Guinness World Record recently shared one of the most bizarre records set by a person. An 11-year-old boy created a Guinness World Record for sleepwalking so far away that he woke up 100 miles away from home. He ‘sleepwalked’ 160 km. In the year 1987, a boy named Michael Dixon was found along the railway tracks in Peru, Indiana, USA. Upon questioning it was revealed that he was from Illinois and had come to Indiana while sleepwalking!

Sleepwalking is a state of being when a person ‘walks’ while sleeping. This can also be explained as a person who is physically awake but is actually sleeping. Their whole state of being depends on their subconscious mind.

On 6th April 1987, a boy was found in wandering about the railway tracks in Peru, Indiana. He was in his pajamas and was barefoot. The railway staff noticed the boy acting a little unusual. They informed the authorities and the boy was then questioned of his whereabouts. After inquiring him, he said that his name was Michael Dixon who lived in Danville, Illinois.

He revealed that he sleepwalks and might have ‘sleepwalked’ 160 km from his home to Peru. He might have boarded the freight train unknowingly and reached Indiana. His mother was promptly informed about this and she came to pick him up. According to Michael’s mother, she saw him last at 10 p.m. when he went to sleep. Although he used to sleepwalk, she never expected he would have ‘sleepwalked’ 160 km away from home.

This story got a lot of coverage and eventually made it to the Guinness World Records in the year 1989 under the Physiology section. Scientists say that there is no exact cure for this and people generally grow out of it in their teenage years.

This was one of the most bizarre records set ever. Let us know your sleepwalking stories if you have any!

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