AI Generated Viral Look of Indian Cricketers From 1950s Era

Ever wondered what our current cricket stars would look like if they existed in some parallel world in the 50s era? Now put your imagination to rest as AI has given us a live example! Yup, a creator named Anshuwuman shared on Reddit a reel with AI-generated images of several famous Indian cricketers styled in the 1950s look. These pictures would make you feel as if you have time-traveled to a bygone era and found doppelgangers of the currently famous Indian team players.

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The black-and-white photos looked so accurate that many Reddit users praised this artwork and many of them want the photos to keep coming! Are you too eager to check out these AI-Generated Viral Look of Indian Cricketers From the 1950s? Okay, let’s have a look at it.

1. Virat Kohli
Found out the one and only pic where his razor-sharp jawline is visible!

2. Shubhman Gill
Mr. Handsome hunk aka the Shashi Kapoor of Indian cricket team!

3. Rohit Sharma
His eyes be looking into your soul…

4. Ravindra Jadeja
Sir Jadeja or Sir Christiano Jadeja?

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Still gives that classy captain-cool vibe!

6. K.L Rahul
So MS Dhoni was inspired by his looks or vice versa?

7. Jasprit Bumrah
Always focused on the ball no matter what era he is in!

8. Hardik Pandya
He will remain cool and vibrant in every era- only his tattoos are missing!

The above AI-generated viral look of Indian cricketers from the 1950s was amazing, right? Well, a piece of catchy classic music was also playing in the background with these cool pics, want to watch the original video? Check this out below:

Indian Cricketers if they were in 1950s
byu/anshuwuman inIndianArtAI

Like these AI pics? Want more of such creative works? Write your suggestions in the comments, the creators might read and make them!

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