34 Amazing Quotes From House Of Cards That Will Make You (Re)Watch The Show

Who doesn’t know about House of Cards, right? The political drama series that had everyone hooked first started streaming on Netflix in 2013. Reportedly the first series to be produced by a studio solely for Netflix, the plot of it traces the journey of an ambitious couple who hold important positions in the House, and shows their confrontations and negotiations with questions of power, manipulation, and the like. The show had 6 seasons, and even got a host of Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, which is hardly a surprise considering that David Fincher is one of the big names associated with the show. To celebrate the big-time success of the show, let’s take a look at some of the quotes from House of Cards that will definitely get you intrigued if you haven’t watched the show. If you have, well, this one’s for you to revisit!

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1. The trademark playful sass. 

2. Realpolitik works in its own ways. 

3. Your effort matters more than the outcome. 

4. Act on them.

5. And sometimes, the answer is not really what we need. 

6. Powerful, in very many ways. 

7. Some things matter more. 

8. The true test of time. 

9. Manipulation is not really a rarity.

10. Wit is what gets one through. 

11. Not everything is about brute force. 

12. And then, sometimes force is what you need. 

13. Humans thrive on validation, after all. 

14. Public memory functions in novel ways. 

15. Incorporating dissent is how you keep things running. 

16. Take charge. 

17. Deception 101.

18. Uncommonly common. 

19. The laws of the world.

20. Keeping options open is a mark of wisdom. 

21. It’s all in your hands. 

22. Take it all into your own hands. 

23. Slow and steady. 

24. Step out of your comfort zone. 

25. And the wave of conflicting emotions is unreal. 

26. Beautifully put. 

27. A simple yet dense sentence. 

28. Power only gives in to a few. 

29. Cannot regret, rather. 

30. Promises meant to be broken and replaced, yes. 

31. Political theorists wouldn’t disagree much. 

32. And that’s how you survive even after generations of mortals. 

33. The imagery. 

34. Classic. 

We hope you enjoyed these quotes from House of Cards which are truly awesome. Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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