Baniyan Ad By Shreyas Iyer: A Quest On How To Get Twitteratis’ Attention!

No, we are not against any sort of clothing, or Baniyans for that matter. All we know is Shreyas Iyer recently was seen in a Baniyan (which is Hindi for men’s vest) advertisement. A normal thing to do.  And you may wonder what exactly is wrong with this. The advertisement- that is what is hilariously wrong on so many levels that it will make you cringe! Let us watch the advertisement first and then get to why it got so much attention:

We will give you a moment to recover!


But what in the cringe-fest was that??!!

Let’s break it down and try to understand this masterpiece- Seems normal at first. A guy, Shreyas Iyer wears his Baniyan, and feels it a little, Maybe the material is too soft and he likes it, we don’t know! Then wears a hoodie on his vest (not at all judging the fashion) and goes out. Now we know he is not playing any ordinary guy here, he is Shreyas Iyer, the famous cricketer. Fans are waiting for him and dying to get his autograph like he is Kohli (again just kidding!).

Then comes a girl with a notepad and no, you Richie rich people, not an Apple notepad but an OG autograph notepad of sorts. But unfortunately, that thing falls and now she cannot get his autograph. So the next logical explanation would be? To obviously try to open her top in a public place and get his autograph because who cares about society when you have Shreyas Iyer’s autograph?

But we have a gentleman here who would not let her do that because let’s face it, this thing will lead Shreyas to the police station! So our man gives her his hoodie and covers her already covered-up body! Dude, she did not get undressed! But then he signs that hoodie and walks off in his super-soft vest. And then comes Ramraj Baniyan’s tagline. Perfect!

So what did we learn from the ad? Hire good ad writers, that is what we learned!

But Twitter spares none! Here are some hilarious reactions from Twitteraties that will make you laugh just like the ad did:

Twitter is truly hilarious. We love it when Twitter rips apart low-effort content like no thought is given to whatever is put out. (PS. We are not talking about us, we are not that famous to be on Twitter sadly)

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