10 Best Indian Stand-up Comedy Acts From Last Month: May 2023

With the Stand-up scene now exploding and new stand-up videos to watch everywhere, there are some which have caught our eye and are just too hilarious that you cannot miss them. In this article, we got you the 10 best Indian stand-up comedy videos released in the month of May 2023.

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In this standup video, Gurpreet Singh talks about turning 28 and through humor reflects upon the family pressures of getting married and raising a family. If you are in your late 20s you will relate a lot with this video.

2.) Child Psychology | Stand-Up Comedy By Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta is arguably one of the funniest Hindi Stand-up comedians right now, in his latest stand-up comedy video he gives a humorous take on kids and his accounts of his notorious nephew are just too funny.

3.) BANDAR | Stand-Up Comedy by Devesh Dixit

Devesh Dixit starts off talking about ‘Bandar’ that is monkeys and through that cracks some absolutely hilarious jokes on Dads, Crowd-work, and even the Prime Minister.

4.) Private School VS Govt School | Stan-Up Comedy By Debarchan Mishra

If you are a government school student, you will relate very hard to this video. In this stand-up comedy video by Debarchan, he will make you laugh at instances that happened in his government school during an inter-school competition.

5.) Sir Return Hai | Stand-Up Comedy By Biswa Kalyan Rath | Mood Kharaab

Biswa Kalyan Rath has to be one of the funniest Stand-up Comedians. In this clip from his now-released special Mood Kharaab, Biswa makes us laugh like crazy at how delivery guys take the return of products and the antics that go around it at home.

6.) The Boys | Stand-Up Comedy By Fatima Ayesha

In this hilarious video, Fatima talks about her guy friends and how hilarious guys can be. She cracks some absolutely hilarious jokes that will be so relatable regardless of your gender.

7.) PART 1 – RAHUL DUA IN AMERICA  | Stand-Up Comedy

From talking about the weather to the lack of one timezone, and the need to drink tap water, Rahul Dua in this video hilariously captures the troubles of an Indian man in the US. Watch the video till the end because it is absolutely funny.

8.) Romance is Dead | Stand-Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon who is a very popular Stand-up comedian recounts an instance from a live show about a married couple. What follows from that instance is just too relatable for married couples.

9.) Inter-Caste Love Story | Stand-Up Comedy by Urjita Wani

One of the most hilarious takes on Romeo and Juliet, in this video Urjita Wani makes fun of her being single and the problems caused by her father being an insurance policy agent.

10.) Naughty Teacher | Stand-Up Comedy by Appurv Gupta

Appurv Gupta, a famous Hinglish stand-up comedian, shares a funny instance from his teenage years. He takes us on a journey through the struggles of watching porn for the first time.

All these videos are just too fun to watch and I’m pretty sure you must be already laughing so much that your stomach hurts. We promise to bring you a compiled list of all the best Indian stand-up comedy videos for the next month, till then adios!

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