9 Best Marathi Comedy Movies You Should Watch For A Hearty Laugh

Comedy is a genre not a lot of people can quickly master. It is something that differs from region to region since it requires the know-how of the traditions and the culture of that region to be able to create a story around it.  India, being a melting pot of cultures, has several styles of comedy that reflect each state’s peculiarity. When it comes to Maharashtra, the comedy genre has its unique quirks that no one can replicate. Comedy in Maharashtra can be traced back to its literature and theatre, with the funny yet witty stories of P. L Deshpande and iconic comedy theatre acts. Movies too are a good reflection of comedy in Marathi tradition. That being said, let’s take a look at the best Marathi comedy movies of all time that you should watch!

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1. Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi

A 1988 movie, Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi is the remake of the Hindi movie Biwi aur Makaan. Directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar, the movie is a full-on laughter riot that follows the story of two brothers as they convince two of their friends to pose as their wives to be able to rent an apartment. The aftermath of this arrangement attracts a lot of drama that will leave you amused. The movie was not only known for its comedy but also for its relatively modern story. It has proven to be a timeless classic.

2. Navra Mazha Navsacha

Yet another comedy movie directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar, Navra Mazha Navsacha stars the director himself and his real-life wife Supriya Pilgaonkar in the lead roles along with Ashok Saraf, Nirmiti Sawant and Vijay Patkar. It is the story of a couple with no children that realize that their fate might be a result of an unfulfilled vow of their late parents and set out to change that. It traces the journey of the couple from Bombay to Ganpatipule and the quirky characters they meet on the way making the movie 10x funnier.

3. Balache Baap Brahmachari

Starring the comedic gems of Marathi cinema, Ashok Saraf, Lakshmikanth Berde and Sudhir Joshi, Balache Baap Brahmachari is an entertainer that you cannot miss. It revolves around the story of two bachelors who end up taking care of an abandoned baby. The chaos that ensues while they attempt to do everything they can to keep the baby alive will have you rolling on the floor. It is considered to be one of the best Marathi comedy movies.

4. Aga Bai Arecha

Based on the movie What women want, Aga Bai Arecha follows a similar concept exploring the universally unanswered question of what women actually want. The movie tells the story of Shriranga Deshmukh who is troubled by the women in his life and realizes that he has the power of listening to women’s thoughts. Will this power be a boon or a bane? Watch Aga Bai Arecha, a comedy-packed drama to find out more!

5. Mast Challay Amcha

This 2011 comedy Marathi movie delves into the relationship of a rich father-in-law and a rickshaw driver son-in-law. The movie portrays the class difference in a playful manner where the father-in-law keeps encouraging his daughter’s husband to do something new and the son-in-law blissfully ignores him.

6. Gadhvache Lagna

Gadhvache Lagna is a fantasy comedy adapted from the play of the same name. The movie stars Makarand Anaspure, Dipak Alegaonkar and Imtiaz Bagvan.  A potter whose prized possession is his donkey goes to heaven meets Lord Indra and comes back with a rather strange challenge. What happens next is a complete laughter inducer! While the plot of the movie might sound bizarre, it’s the execution that makes all the difference.

7. Khabardar

Comedy and thriller are genres that don’t go well together. This movie, however, is an exception. Starring Bharat Jadhav, Sanjay Narvekar and Nirmiti Sawant, the movie follows a complex story of the false incrimination of a truck driver and a journalist’s attempt at proving his innocence. The movie is a family entertainer that maintains its thrill while keeping a light-hearted and comic ambience.

8. Pachadlela

Pachadlela is a horror comedy that brings together the comedic geniuses Bharat Jadhav, Shreyas Talpade, Lakshmikanth Berde and Mahesh Kothare. The movie is a story about 3 friends who occupy a haunted mansion assigned by their employer. Soon, they realize the price they have to pay to live in the mansion when one of them gets possessed by 4 ghosts. The movie is an all-time favourite among people of all age groups for its timeless comedy. It’s a movie that you can keep going back to time and again.

9. Mumbai-Pune- Mumbai 1 & 2

The film series Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai is a romantic comedy that revolves around the uncertainty of life. Gauri, a girl from Mumbai goes to Pune with the intention of strictly rejecting the marriage proposal arranged for her. But fate has some other plans for her. The movie is a perfect portrayal of love and also has some funny bits that will make you laugh out loud. It is a movie that you cannot miss!

This was our list of the best Marathi comedy movies! Actors like Bharat Jadhav, Ashok Saraf, Lakshmikant Berde and Marakand Anaspure have proven to be the stars of these movies and have made them some of the most iconic and memorable Marathi movies of all time. Let us know if there is any movie that we might have missed out on!

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