10 Best Indian Stand-Up Comedy Acts From Last Month: July 2023

Imagine having a really bad day- you are late for work, your boss is pissed with you, you have a thousand deadlines to complete, your crush did not reply to your message, you missed your bus in the evening, and it’s MONTH END! So in all, you might not be in a good mood. How do you relax then? Don’t have time for movies and web series obviously. Your perfect solution would be to turn on YouTube and watch a 10-20 mins stand comedy act that will surely make you laugh and that’s how you bring a little joy to a seemingly bad day. And that’s why we bring you the best stand-up acts from July!

All said and done, you can watch these on a boring weekend or even when you are happy. There are no rules though!

1. UPSC | Stand up act by Anubhav Singh Bassi

Bassi is one of India’s favorite stand-up comedians. No one can beat him in a storytelling format of comedy. You will actually feel like a friend talking to you about his school days. This act is no different. The way he narrates his whole journey of wanting to become an IPS officer will leave you in splits. Do watch it to know what not to do while preparing for UPSC!

2. Daamad Ji, Aam Kaat Du | Stand Up Comedy by Vipul Goyal

Vipul Goyal does the kind of comedy that your whole family could watch, of course separately! This stand up also focuses on family dynamics – this time between son-in-laws and in-laws. He talks about how a SIL is treated at his wife’s home like he is no less than a celebrity. Talking about societal double standards in family space with added fun element is where Vipul Goyal shines.

3. Vicky Kaushal & Bangkok with Dad | Stand Up Comedy By Harsh Gujral

Harsh Gujral seems like the long-lost brother of Bassi, especially with his ways and comic timing. This time he talks about his experience of going to Bangkok with his father but not before having a fun interaction with the crowd where he is called “Sasta Vicky Kaushal” by someone!

4. Ameer Audience | Stand Up Comedy by Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta has some hilarious audience interaction/crowd work videos. The way he takes mundane things and makes them funny is incredible. In this video too he talks to the people there and turns out everyone is quite rich- a diamond merchant, a Ph.D. holder etc!

5. BRA | Stand Up Comedy by Sumit Mishra

This up-and-coming comedian has already taken the internet by storm with his comedy acts previously. In this one, he talks about a topic considered taboo in our society- Bra. Men cannot even say the word in public but this man made a stand-up act and that too by respecting everyone and not being vulgar or offensive. Kudos to this guy!

6. Pilot and Plane Crash | Stand Up Comedy by Abhishek Walia

People consider him the G.O.A.T of crowd work. Abhishek Walia has finally remembered his YouTube password and added a video to his channel. Today he talks to a group of five friends and that takes a hilarious turn as the show progresses.

7. Masala Sandwich Trailer | Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

Taking clean comedy to new levels, Amit Tondon is back with a great announcement. He recently released a trailer for a new series in which he will drop a video every Friday talking and venting about different things. We can’t wait for this to start. Check out the fun trailer!

8. Aag Lagi Office Me | Stand Up Comedy by Dheerendra Srivastava

This new age stand up comedian is as funny as he gets. A family-friendly act is difficult to pull off but he does so with ease. In this video, he talks about an average corporate workspace and the weirdly funny and interesting characters there. This was definitely one of the best stand-up acts last month.

9. Gadar | Assam to Delhi | Stand Up comedy by Krishnendu Paul

A new stand-up comedian in the comic scene, Krishnendu Paul is a must-watch. In this video, he talks about how Noth-Eastern people are perceived in the rest of India especially Delhi. He also talks about the yesteryear blockbuster Gadar and makes some funny observations.

10. Responsible Romance | Stand Up Comedy by Akshay Srivastava

Akshay Srivastava’s videos are generally very fun and relatable. This video is no less. Especially the mismatched subtitles. Even the subtitles are hilarious. You are in for an “element of surprise”.IYKYK!

These are some ROFL worthy and the best stand-up acts of last month. They are enough to uplift your weekday blues and also fun for weekends. Do let us know your favourite!

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