Couple in West Bengal Sells 8 Month Old Son To Buy iPhone For Making Instagram Reels

A child is said to be the safest with his/her parents. We hear stories of parents who try to make ends meet so their children can have a good life. But what if the parents use their children to fulfill their luxurious wishes? A disturbing incident like this came to light when a couple from West Bengal sold their infant to buy an iPhone and make reels.

The Horrific Incident

A woman from West Bengal’s 24 Pargana district was arrested for allegedly selling her 8-month-old infant to buy an iPhone and make reels in different parts of the state. She sold her baby to a woman name Priyanka Ghosh, who was also taken into custody. 

The woman herself identifies as Sathi. Her husband, Jaydev was also a part of this but is absconding and police is trying to search for him.

Image credits: Unsplash/representative image

How The Events Took Place?

Sathi and Jaydev were a couple who could barely make ends meet and were parents to a 7-year-old daughter and an 8-month-old son. According to some media reports, the couple were addicted to alcoholism and were often seen quarreling among themselves or with neighbours.

On Saturday, July 22, the neighbours saw the couple get an iPhone which was surprising since their financial condition was at its worst. What was even more shocking was how eerily close this purchase was to the event of their son missing. Sensing foul play, the neighbours alerted the local councillor who then reported this to the police.

Upon investigation, it was found that the couple had actually sold their 8-month infant to buy an iPhone to travel to various parts of West Bengal and create Instagram reels to make money. Police immediately took action and rescued the child from a woman named Priyanka Ghosh to whom the couple sold their baby.

Image credits: Unsplash/representative image

Reports also suggest that allegedly the father also tried to sell his 7-year-old daughter but failed to do so.

Humanity At Its Worst

This incident shocked everyone to the core as they wondered how can parents sell their innocent children for luxury. The world has taken a route to hell with such incidents.

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