20 Best Dialogues from Bridgerton Season 1 and Season 2 That are Iconic

Bridgerton” is an American romantic period drama available for streaming on Netflix. It is based on a book by Julia Quinn and is set in a fictional world in London during a time when the age and gentry of marriageable individuals were spreading their wings in society. Some of the best dialogues from Seasons 1 and 2 of Bridgerton have captured the hearts of viewers and will endure in memory. The first season was released for streaming in 2020, quickly becoming a hit among the Netflix audience. The subsequent second season also achieved great success.

The show garnered such a wide fan following across various countries that it was renewed for 3rd and 4th seasons. Additionally, a spinoff of the show titled “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” was released. The show received numerous awards and accolades for its direction, splendid performances by the actors, and exquisite set design. This included two Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, along with several other nominations. Take a look at the 20 best dialogues from Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2.

1. True desire wins overall…
“If you desire the sun and the moon all you have to do is go out and shoot at the sky. Some of us cannot.” — Eloise Bridgerton

2. Aim for the highest possible standard!
“Why settle for a Duke when one can have a Prince?” — Lady Whistledown

3. True thing!
“To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart.” — Simon Basset

4. Love does not look for perfection…
“Just because something is not perfect, does not make it any less worthy of love.” — Daphne Bridgerton

5. We all find the light after passing a dark turn, isn’t it?
“There are perhaps darker turns in these woods than we’ve been taught to expect. There is light to be found at their end.” — Daphne Bridgerton

6. Simon doesn’t need a bouquet of flowers to impress a girl…
“If I were truly courting you, I would not need flowers, only five minutes alone with you in a drawing room.” — Simon Basset

7. Choosing to love is an important decision…
“We chose to love each other, every single day. It is a choice, dearest. One that is never too late to make.” — Lady Violet Bridgerton

8. Not sacrificing what’s important to her the most…
“It is you I cannot sacrifice.” — Daphne Bridgerton

9. Simon’s love for Daphne…
“I am yours, Daphne, I have always been yours.” — Simon Basset

10. Moving forward in life is important…
“However difficult forgiving someone may be, it is necessary to move forward.” — Lady Violet Bridgerton

11. Inner beauty is essential.
“It is not a man’s appearance or title that will woo you. It is his mind and spirit that will court yours.” — Kate Sharma

12. When he knew the truth but still can’t stop obsessing over Kate…
“You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.” — Lord Anthony Bridgerton

13. Actions always speak louder than words!
“Words of flattery are beautiful and sweet, but they are also hollow unless accompanied by action.” — Lord Anthony Bridgerton

14. Lady Danbury’s strong words…
“I have loved. I have lost. I have earned the right to do whatever I please, whenever I please, and however, I please to do it.” — Lady Danbury

15. Determination is the key!
“A man who knows what he wants is most admirable.” — Edwina Sharma

16. When you connect with a person…
“It is a very powerful thing to meet someone and feel that you know them in a way unlike any other.” — Mary Sharma 

17. The right to choose is a basic freedom…
“It should not be a luxury, but a right to choose, to fight for the family that you want.” — Daphne Bridgerton

18. Let a lady make her own decisions and mind her own business…
“I happen to believe a lady’s business is her own.” — Madame Delacroix

19. Be carefree…
“The only thing that would disappoint me is seeing you starting to care what anyone else thinks. That would not be you.” — Lady Violet Bridgerton

20. The right one…
“I think you will find there is no greater pleasure than enjoying your home alone with your family, with your husband as long as you choose the right one.” — Daphne Bridgerton

So, which one from the above list of 20 Best Dialogues from Bridgerton Season 1 and Season 2 touched your heart?

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