Police Officers in Dial 112 Van caught by People in Patna with Goods Worth 70 Lakhs Stolen from a Mall

We understand Bihar has some crazy moments, but this took the cake. Police became thieves! The locals in Rajiv Nagar suspected some untoward activity by some police personnel at 10:30 p.m. near the Rapid Bazaar Mall. They played detective and soon realized that these police officers were stealing goods from the closed mall. You might wonder how they know these are police officers. Because these four geniuses were on duty so naturally wore police uniforms and they thought this was a good idea. Wanna know a better idea? They loaded all this in the Dial 112 police van and tried to flee! Wanna know the best part? The locals can now boast of catching police officers and handing them to. Guess what? Police!

(Representative Image)

In a bizarre turn of events, locals caught police stealing goods from a mall in Patna. On Tuesday, 29 August, four police officers on duty were arrested for stealing goods from a mall in Rajiv Nagar, Patna. The four accused police officers were on duty at Dial 112 emergency services. They reached Rapid Bazaar Mall at night in their police vehicles. They then discreetly stole various items from the closed mall. After loading all the stolen goods in the police vehicle, they tried to flee from the site. Some locals saw this and chased them. They managed to catch these officers and then informed the Rajiv Nagar Police Station.

This is yet another peak Bihar moment. When such events come to light everyone is naturally shocked and then they hear Bihar. People then go like ‘Ehh… You got something better!’

We are obviously kidding! We mean absolutely no disrespect to any state or people living there. But when we actually dig deep into it, we see a pattern where many untoward things happen in Bihar and this has become a norm now. Once the hub of knowledge with the most prestigious university in the world, a place where even Buddha found enlightenment has been reduced a joke.

With an increase in crimes and politicising police and government officials, Bihar lost its former glory. This incident is not just one such ‘blue moon’ incident. This is the bizarre reality of Bihar.

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