Lucknow Gang Produces Fake Notes Taking Inspiration from Shahid Kapoor’s Farzi

There are so many colorful ways in which fraudsters carry out illegal activities. The latest one is being inspired by movies and shows. One such incident took place in Lucknow where a gang produced fake notes taking inspiration from Shahid Kapoor’s Farzi had an uncanny resemblance to the real currency. They are operative in different parts of the country including West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and others.

A gang of five people took inspiration from the latest web series, Farzi, and produced fake or counterfeit notes with a face value of lakhs. However, their attempts came to a halt when they were arrested by the Lucknow police on Monday.

DCP Abidi explained that the gang operated on a 1:5 profit ratio which means for every 1 lakh rupees worth of fake notes, they earned 20,ooo rupees in return. The DCP also said that the fake notes were astonishingly similar to the real Indian currency. The gang members used to peddle these fake currency to the dealers for further circulation in the market. All of this was inspired by Shahid Kapoor starrer Farzi.

The gang members produced these fake notes or counterfeit currency on the easily available bond papers by using a simple printer. They also refined the notes further with a lamination machine to make them as real as the original currency. The fake currency remarkably was of good quality, and had the watermarks and security features exactly like the Reserve Bank of India.

The show, Farzi, had a similar plotline where the main protagonist was embittered by the unequal pay in the country and decided to team up with his best friend to produce counterfeit money and earn by illicit means. The gang was inspired by this show and decided to print money to earn money! This is taking inspiration from shows on some different level!

If you haven’t watched Farzi, the real-life show is here but if you have watched and liked it, here are other shows like it that you can watch:

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