10 Popular Voiceover Artists Behind Indian Cartoons!

Cartoon voice-overs debuted in 1950, ushering in an era abundant with skilled voice artists. An accomplished voice actor offers more than just depth and character to a role; they can skillfully bring to life several characters, making each one distinctively different. This adaptability is a hallmark of the profession, with voice artists often called upon to differentiate many characters.

The world of animated movies is vast, with an ever-expanding pool of voice-over talents. The art of animation in cinema can be traced back to 1906, marked by Stuart Blackton’s concise film, “Humorous Phases of Funny Faces,” a piece that runs for three minutes and 20 frames.

From Shin-chan to Doraemon, discover the Hindi voice talents behind these beloved cartoons.

Parul Bhatnagar

Do you recall Shizuka, Nobita’s endearing crush from Doraemon? The accomplished voice-over artist, Parul Bhatnagar, has been the voice behind the Hindi rendition of Shizuka for over a decade and a half. 

Beyond the realm of cartoons, Parul’s talents extend to podcasts and commercials, showcasing her versatility in the voice-over industry. Notably, she’s not just a gifted voice artist; she’s also a trained classical singer, further testament to her multifaceted talents in the world of sound and music.

Nitika Singh

Nitika Singh is a multifaceted voice-over artist, having contributed extensively to the Hindi film, television, and advertising sectors. Her voice, imbued with a distinctiveness, allows her to seamlessly transition between a range of characters, from those demanding a more serious tone to ones requiring comedic flair.

Her remarkable dedication and unparalleled skills have left an indelible mark on the industry. Over time, her voice has melded so perfectly with the characters they represent that it’s hard to imagine those roles with any other voice.

Sonal Kaushal

Sonal Kaushal is a remarkable impressionist with an incredible talent for voice acting. She gained significant recognition as the voice behind Doraemon starting in 2005. 

Beyond this iconic role, she has also lent her voice to another beloved character, Pikachu, from Pokemon, in its Hindi version. Doraemon continues to be one of the top-rated children’s programs in India, holding its charm and popularity on various television channels even today.

Akanksha Sharma

Akanksha Sharma is the talented voice artist who brings life to the playful and mischievous character, Shin-chan. Her versatility didn’t stop there; she later took on the role of Nobita in the widely-loved cartoon, Doraemon. 

In addition to her contributions to animated characters, Akanksha has showcased her vocal prowess in the film industry, serving as a dubbing artist for several movies.

Saurav Chakraborty

Sourav Chakraborty is a multifaceted talent in the Indian entertainment industry, wearing hats as an actor, director, writer, and producer. He began his journey with the Bengali television series “Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe,” where he garnered acclaim for portraying the character Sourav Mitra. Beyond his on-screen presence, Chakraborty is deeply passionate about poetry and filmmaking.

Also recognized as a gifted voice-over artist, Saurav Chakraborty’s vocal talents have brought characters like Motu Patlu to life, earning him an award for the most popular voice-over artist. His repertoire includes voicing for renowned cartoon characters such as Shaun The Sheep, as well as those in “Oggy and the Cockroaches.”

Marta Stewy

Marta Stewy stands out as an exceptionally talented voice-over artist, boasting a rich portfolio of work across the Hindi film and television landscape. Her voice possesses a unique timbre that distinguishes her from her peers, resonating with listeners in a memorable way. More than just a voice artist, Marta has a genuine, innate talent for acting, which is vividly evident in the modulation and inflection of her voice.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated on a diverse range of projects. These include radio spots for AIR FM, in-depth documentaries, and evocative art films. 

In each endeavor, she meticulously gives voice to a myriad of characters, infusing them with vitality and emotion. There’s a youthful vigor in her voice, making her an ideal choice for portraying younger, vibrant characters, ensuring they resonate with audiences of all ages.

Tulja Sharma

Tulja Sharma distinguishes herself from her contemporaries with her comprehensive approach to voice-over projects. She immerses herself in every stage, from scriptwriting to collaborating with fellow artists during recordings, and then onto the intricate processes of mixing and mastering. This holistic involvement ensures that the end result not only meets but often exceeds client expectations.

Be it a playful children’s jingle, a persuasive advertisement, or an engaging podcast, Tulja Sharma consistently delivers impeccable voice-overs. Her unwavering dedication and pursuit of perfection have cemented her reputation as one of India’s premier voice-over talents.

Simraan Kaur

Simran Kaur Mundi is a notable Indian actress who marked her entry into the film world with the Hindi movie “Jo Hum Chahein” in 2011. Before embracing the limelight of cinema, she was a celebrated model, winning the Miss India Universe title in Mumbai on 5 April 2008.

For those enamored with the endearingly perplexed Nobita, the voice behind the character might surprise you. Simraan Kaur, beyond her voice-artistry credentials, is also an accomplished actress. She was last featured in & TV’s “Agnifera” in 2017, portraying the character Shrishti.

At the Miss Universe 2008 event in Vietnam, she proudly represented India. Simran showcased her prowess by advancing in several preliminary rounds: she was a top-five contender in the Best in Swimsuit segment, made it to the top 5 in the Charming Ao-dai round, and clinched the group winner title for the national costume award.

Meghana Erande

Since 1989, Meghana Erande has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment realm. A notable actor in both Marathi and Hindi cinema, she has also made significant strides in dubbing.

Her voice brings to life a myriad of beloved cartoon characters such as Noddy from “Make Way For Noddy,” Dee Dee from “Dexter’s Laboratory,” and Hattori from “Ninja Hattori,” among others. Beyond cartoons, Meghana’s voice can be heard in various Hollywood and animated films.

Transitioning to the last character we’ll discuss: imagine a genie who, with a mere rub of a lamp, appears to grant three wishes, becoming the ally of our protagonist. This is a magical being many have dreamt of having in their lives. Let’s unveil the voice behind this enchanting genie.

Chetan Shashital

Born in 1968 in Mumbai, India, Chetan Shashital, often referred to as Chetan Sashital or “The Big C” due to his profound influence in the voice-acting realm, is a distinguished Indian actor, voice actor, and singer. His prowess in the dubbing domain earned him the Newsmakers Achievers Awards in 2021.

Chetan has lent his voice to numerous animation projects within India. In addition, he’s known for his Hindi dubbing contributions to international productions. Notably, he voiced Baloo the Bear in “Talespin” and “The Jungle Book 2,” and the Genie in Disney’s “Aladdin,” which aired on Disney Channel India in 2005.

Shashital’s vocal versatility doesn’t stop there; he’s also provided dubbing for many Bollywood luminaries. He’s especially recognized as the official voice for Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan. Additionally, he has dubbed for other renowned Bollywood figures, including Salman Khan, Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt, and Dharmendra.


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