15 Most Viral Videos of The Month: July 2023

While some videos, like a Pakistani girl dancing to the tunes of a retro Bollywood song ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja’ or Quickstyle’s dance on ‘Kala Chashma,’ continue to entertain us for a long time, there are also short viral videos that evoke various emotions – making us smile, cry, feel sad, happy, or even ROFL. These videos are uploaded on social media platforms and range from funky rain dances to heartwarming acts of kindness, all recorded on camera and shared on the internet.

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Curious about the new viral videos of July 2023? Some of the following viral videos might be familiar to you, while others could be new discoveries. Here are some of the most viral videos of July 2023 that captured the internet’s fascination while we were busy managing our everyday lives!

1. This video of a leopard roaming around the human-habited area was watched by many and helped them get aware of the alarming situation of flood and the monstrous face of nature.

2. Teaching is the greatest profession of all, and this video of a teacher getting an emotional farewell from her students is the best example of it.

3. This video posted on Instagram of the Olympics gold medalist Neeraj Chopra touching an elder fan’s feet is garnering praise from all parts of India!


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4. Indians find ways to have fun anywhere and at any chance they get! However, a lot of people faced so many problems due to the floods in July 2023 and we all need to be careful and kind towards each other.

5. In this viral video an Indian traffic police was seen sweeping off the gravel and stones from the road to prevent skidding of vehicles. Just one word- Respect.

6. No one in India is unfamiliar with the ‘Seema Haider Case’ which is making news headlines nearly every day since last month. This video of Seema and Sachin’s neighbors talking about them is as hilarious as it is newsworthy! ‘Kya hai Sachin me?’ line lives rent-free in my mind!

7. When our ISRO scientists successfully launched Chandrayaan 3 all of us were crying tears of joy, feeling all kinds of happy emotions and so proud of all the hardworking people associated with the project. This viral video shows how much it meant for the people of India who were clapping and cheering with full enthusiasm.

8. Dhoni is famous among his fans due to his cricket talent, his legendary captaincy skills, and also his humble nature. He won many hearts through this viral video where he is seen dropping his security guard at the entrance on one of his bikes from his mighty collection of his!

9. Such videos that show the ignorance and arrogance of some people become a topic of anger among people on the internet. This viral video showed a few people trying to scare a herd of elephants by throwing things at them don’t know the serious outcomes of it if the herd becomes aggressive. 

10. This viral video shows one legendary cricketer praising the other for his humility, his talent, and also for his crazy collection of bikes! Watch the video and see how Dhoni is simply unbeatable in many areas of life.

12. Nothing gives us more joy than watching our elders enjoying their lives to the fullest! This viral video of an old man dancing to the tunes of the famous song ‘Koi Ladki Hai’ is a sign to destress and live fully because life is a precious gift!


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13. Dancing is therapeutic, and it is also a way to bring people together no matter what. This viral video shows that dancing together randomly is what could make you happy on a day that seems too long to get over! Next time you get a chance to make others happy with a simple gesture like dancing or singing together. 

14. A puppy stranded under a bridge in Chandigarh was rescued by the local police team. This viral video caught a lot of attention on social media and people’s faith in police and humanity was restored!

15. A beautiful couple. Mumbai beach. A popular Bollywood rain song. This video is full of smiles, hope, and love. What more do you need to make your day?

Many of these videos awarded us for going against nature, some showed us the unfiltered side of our favorite celebrities, while others brought a smile to our faces. So these were the 15 best Viral videos of the month: July 2023, tell us your views on these videos in the comments!

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