8 Best English Comedy Movies of 2023


Sometimes you need a good laugh and life is not giving you those moments or maybe you are too busy with your work and responsibilities that you forget to chill and relax. So, what should you do then? Watch some of the latest and best English comedy movies of 2023! There are so many good Hollywood comedy movies that have been released recently- you can easily pick your favorite genre of comedy and start watching now. And, don’t worry, we have sorted out the list for you!

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1. Ghosted

This is an action-adventure comedy movie about Cole and Sadie who fall in love with each other. However, it turns out that she is a secret agent. Before they can go on a second date and sort things out they are carried away on an international adventure to save the world together!

2. No Hard Feelings

It is a rom-com movie about Maddie, a young woman who is on the verge of losing her childhood home. Desperate to save it, she looks for a job. She then finds a unique job- a set of parents ask her to date their awkward 19-year-old son and teach him the worldly ways before he departs to another city for his graduation. The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in prominent roles.

3. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

It is a family drama comedy film about Margaret- a school kid who is moving to a new town and learning to navigate love, life, studies, and adolescence. On the other hand, her mother and grandmother- women of two more generations are having a change in their lives too. So, the movie revolves around these three women trying to accept their new lives and also help each other navigate this phase of life.

4. Polite Society

It is a British martial arts action comedy film about a young girl named Ria Khan who has a mission to accomplish- carry on a wedding heist and save her sister from a marriage that she doesn’t want. The movie is filled with comedy, action, family drama, and friends who help Ria in bringing forth freedom for her sister. The movie stars Priya Kansara in the main lead and would attract audiences of all ages!


5. Bottoms

It is an American satirical teen sex comedy movie about two best buddies starting a fight club in school in hopes of impressing girls and losing their virginity. However, the fight club brings a plethora of top students and the most popular ones enrolling and beating each other up in the name of self-defense.

6. Cocaine Bear

Well, it is a horror comedy based on true events. The movie shows what rampage a bear can go on when he accidentally consumes a large quantity of cocaine. There is comic relief but also looming danger for apparently all tourists, cops, teenagers, and even the criminals who are roaming in the same forest as this black bear! Will this odd group of people stuck with the situation help each other or create more mess? Tell us after you watch the movie!

7. Shazam! Fury of the Gods

An action-adventure comedy movie of DC that tells the story of a teenager who on saying the magic words, ‘Shazam!” is transformed into his adult superhero alter-ego. This new movie shows Shazam teaming up with his foster siblings to fight against the daughter of Atlas and bring back the wizard’s staff that she has stolen for her use. Want to watch a superhero flick with a comic relief? Watch Shazam! The Fury of the Gods.

8. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery was a superhit 2019 mystery comedy film that shows a couple out on a vacation when they find themselves amid a murder and they are the prime suspects! This time around, the same couple is out on a yacht to attend an ultra-lavish wedding of an Indian King’s son, but, unfortunately, the son is murdered just before the wedding. Featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in this quirky yet thrilling murder mystery- a movie that anybody would love to watch!

So, which one among these 8 Best English Comedy Movies of 2023 did you like the most? Tell us your favorite English comedy movies in the comments!

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