35 Best Television Series That Are Totally Worth A Watch

Television series are criticised as dumb stuff: lacking originality and  creativity. However, to challenge such views we present to you a collection of some the best television series that’ll blow your mind. From depictions of historical events to weaving a fantasy world, these TV series have keep us hooked throughout seasons with its performances, plot, story and dialogues.

Take a look at this list of the best Television Series of all time and let us know what you think:

1. Arrow 

Arrow is based on a DC comic  superhero Green Arrow. Oliver Queen is a rich billionaire presumed to be dead in a ship wreck. After five years, he shows up in his hometown claiming to have spent the entire time on a mysteries.  The time he has spent alone has forced him to introspect his behaviour and make amends. As a result, he’s a changed man not only to his close ones but also to the people  of Star City.

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2. Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers is a ten episode miniseries originally aired on HBO. It is based on Stephen Ambrose’s 1992 Book of the same name. The series follows the story of the Easy Company which belonged to the second battalion of the 506th parachute infantry regiment of the US Army in World War 2. It traces the journey of the company right from it’s inception and jump training through it’s contributions in Europe to the end of World War 2.

3. Black Mirror 

Black Mirror talks about the negative side of the technologies that we are so well adapted to.  Each episode centres around a new topic. This is a web series which would make you ponder about the dark side of technology.

4. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, as the theme suggests is about a good guy entering the world of crime. Walter White is an uncelebrated genius in the field of Chemistry. Recently, he’s been diagnosed with a  terminal cancer. The reality of his conditions and his love for his family leads him to an unprecedented  path. Although the series is about drugs, it’s the viewers who are addicted to it.

5. Chernobyl

Chernobyl is based on the Nuclear power plant disaster which took place in Chernobyl, USSR in 1986. It covers all aspect of the catastrophe aptly and shows us the flaws that could have been avoided. It also tells us about the people who showed utmost kindness and acted bravely to save the lives of those wounded. One of the most hard hitting and best television series of recent times, Chernobyl is a powerful take on the human cost of state censorship.

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6. Dexter

Dexter lives a dual life; in the daylight he’s the forensic analyst of Miami Police Department. But, in the darkness of night he is a serial killer on the run. Do watch this suspense crime thriller and let us know what you think.

7. Entourage 

Entourage is a series which deals with the theme of friendship and the challenges of the newcomers in Hollywood. It is a  light hearted- watch and the one you would want to come back to, time and again.

8. Fargo 

Jerry is a debt-ridden car salesman.  The only way he could get out of the debt is by  getting his wife kidnapped.  He hires to local thugs to set his plan in action. But, things go awry when one of the thugs shoots a local policeman.

9. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a comedy sitcom on the lives of six friends in Manhattan. All of them are from diverse backgrounds and with diverse characteristics. The fact that they have each other in the most testing times: divorce, heartbreak, joblessness, child-birth is a beautiful thing in itself. Years after this series completed its final season, a generation lives by the characters, plots, stories and emotions of this all time classic.

10. Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin’s book series:  A Song of Fire and Ice. Although it is a fantasy based show it keeps us on our toes with every new episode. It has a cutting -edge over other shows in-terms of : interesting plot twist, unpredictable character journey and the aesthetic appeal. One of the most watched and best television series of all time, the cinematography and visual effects of Game Of Thrones is absolutely a visual delight.

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11. Gotham

The crime lords rule the dark alleys of Gotham city and the Batman hasn’t arrived, yet. In the meanwhile, police officer James Gordon along with detective Harvey Bullock pair up to tackle the rampant crime. Watch the show to know the growing up years of Bruce Waynes and the contribution of James Gordon to keep the crime in check in Gotham.

12. House Of Cards

As the name suggests, House Of Cards, defines the fragility of a structure which isn’t build upon firm foundation. The show is about a Democrat, Frank Underwood’s journey as a Secretary of the State. The show is a high paced political drama, where things can spiral out of control too quickly.

13. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a story told in flashbacks wherein Ted Mosby narrates to his children the story of how he met their mother. However, the children, think of his story as, “How I met your aunt Robin.” To know what happens in the in the story and Ted’s life you must watch the show.

14. Mad Men

Mad Men is a period drama that with a fictional time frame which spans from March 1960 to November 1970. The show focuses on the lives of the employees of an advertising agency. In particular, it is about the creative director Donald Draper who juggles to obtain a work life balance. One of the best television series of all time, Mad Men is also a treat for people working in advertising, marketing and creative industry.

15. Modern Family 

The show is a comical  documentary sitcom on the modern day families. We see three different families trying to cope up with modern world problems and creating a series of hilarious situations.

16. Money Heist 

A criminal plans to conduct the biggest heist in the world: by siphoning off Billions of Euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. He recruits and trains the most dreaded and shrewd criminals to help complete the objective. One of the most popular and best Television series of recent times, this Spanish action crime drama is a must-watch.

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17. Mr. Robot 

Elliot is a cyber- security engineer and a hacker. The trouble is – he has been hired by a hacker group to hack and destroy the firm he’s been protecting so far.

18. Narcos

Narcos follows the  cocaine trade in Columbia and the lives of drug lords such as Pablo Escobar around late 80’s. The gripping, raw and real narrative, captures the rise of cocaine trade and it’s effect on  the entire Columbian universe: the civilians, politicians, legal systems and criminal

19. Orange Is The New Black

Orange is The New Black is a Netflix original comedy drama. It centres around the life of Piper Chapman who is sentenced for an year and half in prison for being associated with a drug dealer. As she is  confined to the four walls of prison, her life changes drastically.

20. Prison Break

Burrows has been falsely convicted of a  crime. His  brother, Micheal, devises a plan to help him escape the prison and clear his name.

21. Rome 

Rome is a historical drama web series  set in 1st Century BC. It was in this period that Rome under the leaked ship of Julius Caesar turned from Republic to an Empire. But, the most extraordinary thing about the show is that instead of Julius Caesar it focuses on two common soldiers of Rome, namely, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus.

22. Sherlock Holmes 

The show is based on Author Canon Doyle’s detective stories of the same name. Sherlock Holmes  and Dr.Watson pair up  as detectives to solve the cities most unusual crimes.

23. Spartacus

The series is based on the life of  Sparctus, a gladiator of Thracian origin. He was responsible for a major slave uprising  also known as  Gladiator War or The Third Servile War, against the Roman Empire around 73 to 71 BC.

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24. Suits 

Harvey Specter hires talented Mike Ross as his law associate. The duo solve various cases together. However, there is something about Mike which Harvey is hiding from his colleagues.

25. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory  revolves around the lives on the Physicists Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj. Despite being geniuses they have no social life and find it difficult to interact with women.

26. The Crown

The Crown is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It follows her ascend to the throne of the British monarchy at the young age of 25 years old. It highlights how  her decisions, relationship with allies and political rivalry shaped the most of events around 20th century.

27. The Office 

The Office paints a picture of the usual work life of Dunder Mifflin employees at Scranton branch in Pennsylvania. Each episode is a  short bursts of comedy with Micheal’s eccentric ways, Dwight’s and Jims sweet n sour pranks and Pam Halpert’s kindness.

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28. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a satirical take on the American society. In the fictional town of Springfield, The dysfunctional Simpsons family  faces their ups and downs like any other normal family. But, they often land themselves in a comic situation.

29. The Sopranos 

The Sopranos is a crime thriller which was originally telecasted on HBO. It follow the life of Tony Sopranos who is a mafia head based in New Jersey. However, managing the crime world, his family and personal life  have taken a toll on his mental well- being.

30. The Walking Dead

The show is based on the narrative of post- zombie apocalypse in  the US.  The survivors are in search of a safe place to live. Police Officer Rick Grimes offers them protection and leads them to a safe place. Watch the show to know their unprecedented journey.

31. The Wire

In Baltimore, A team of Detectives investigate the crimes and try to investigate the loop holes in the law enforcement agencies. It is one of the best crime drama  ever produced on the world television.

32. True Detective 

It is unlike any other detective show that we’ve come across so far. Police officers and the detectives in the US come face to face with their dark secrets as they go about  investigating homicides.

33. Two And A Half Men 

Two and a Half men is a comedy that deals with issues of men: women, dating, divorce, single parenthood etc. It revolves around the world of Alan and his son Jake,  Alan’s brother Charlie and his Billionaire friend Walden.

34. Vikings 

Vikings is a historical drama which introduces  us to the Viking tribe. Watch  Raangar Lothbrok, a mere farmer grow into a warrior who  conducts raids in England but is equally  leader who nurtures his tribes men. He is ruthless in his exploits and compassionate in temperance.

35. West World 

Some television shows keep us thinking long after they are over, West World being one of them. It showcases a futuristic dystopian world wherein there is an amusement park where humans get to interact with automatons.  Things get bad when the automatons start to malfunction.

How many shows from this list of the best television series have you completed? Do let us know in the comments below!

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