25 Profound Shayaris About Life That’ll Make You Smile

Sometimes, all you need in life is a little poetry to help you through it. Art can sometimes make life slightly more bearable, and poems can you realise that your fears and your sorrows are not one-of-a-kind, instead, we’re all part of a grand scheme. Here are 25 profound shayaris about life that’ll make you smile.

1. Everyone has their own sorrows to worry about.

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2. Flattery is the only thing that works. 

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3. Celebrate your failures and you’ll have so much to celebrate. 

4. Nobody remembers anyone till they need them. 

5. No path is untrodden. 

6. The world waits for nobody. 

7. Money is the root of all your problems. 

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8. People change over time and you cannot change that. 

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9. Sometimes the line between poetry and actual pain gets blurry. 

10. At the end of the day, this too shall pass. 

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11. All you need is a good heart full of hope. 

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12. We tend to remember our failures far more clearly than our victories. 

13. Sometimes the quiet speaks louder than meaningless words. 

14. Time heals even the deepest wounds. 

15. Nobody likes to be held responsible.

16. We are a product of our time and our world. 

17. We put too much pressure on our lives. 

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18. Not everything needs to end. Sometimes the paths are more beautiful than the destination.

19. We tell ourselves lies that we want to hear. 

20. It’s never too late to make changes that count. 

21. Sometimes you get so used to the journey, you want to stay on road forever. 

22. You only realise who your real friends are in times of crisis. 

23. We make our own destiny.

24. It’s okay if things are hard. Things are hard for most of us. 

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25. It’s not hard to draw lines. It’s hard to respect them. 

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