60 Best Hollywood Dialogues That Are Etched In Our Minds!

There are certain unforgettable lines in cinema that make such a deep impact on us that we remember them for the longest time without even trying. Sometimes, the movies actually give pretty decent advice, to be fair. Don’t trust me? Here are 60 best Hollywood dialogues that are so poignant they will stay with you for a long time.

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1. Dream, but do not forget to live.

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2. Nobody wants to.

3. The perfect way to send someone off to war – or to the final viva.

4. You decide the course of your life.

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5. That’s how life is.

6. Cheese, then.

7. The beginning of a new adventure.

8. When both you and your BFF hate ketchup on pizza.

9. God doesn’t work that way.

10. The coolest intro ever.

11. Learn the difference.

12. Couldn’t have said it better.

13. Me in a restaurant, looking over at another table:

14. Word of advice.

15. Was it all worth it?

16. Life will surprise you.

17. The difference between meditating and taking a nap.

18. We’ll always have the memories we make.

19. Weird flex, but okay.

20. Nobody’s happy when alive.

21. Love means…

22. You have the power.

23. A series of unfortunate events.

24. Are kings really happy to be kings?

25. Badass.

26. One of the best Hollywood dialogues ever.

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27. Nobody.

28. You only live once.

29. Life becomes an act of letting go.

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30. So do we!

31. Me looking at the four thousand photos I clicked of my baby niece yesterday.

32. The music of the children of the night.

33. We wish he didn’t.

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34. Me reading WhatsApp messages from the notification panel because I don’t feel like socialising:

35. Poor Johnny.

36. What exactly can you do?

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37. You matter.

38. You can do anything if you let yourself.

39. Be trustful but not naive.

40. How you look at things matters.

41. You shouldn’t let things make your identity.

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42. When you realize you want to spend the rest of the life with somebody

43. Oh, Thor.

44. We are bound by chains we cannot see.

45. Love is extraordinary.

46. Don’t waste your time being someone you’re not.

47. Call out your friends for wrong behaviour.

48. May I never be perfect.

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49. The anatomy of a fitting revenge.

50. The Avengers.

51. Everything else is background noise.

52. Learn to find your own happiness.

53. Break the cycle.

54. Learn from your past.

55. Don’t let people decide your value.

56. Difficult times, difficult measures.

57. Do you believe in soulmates?

58. You either die a hero or…

59. The spirit of a warrior.

60. You can always decide. 

Did you like our list of the best Hollywood dialogues? Comment below to tell us your favourite one!

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