Things That Actually Happened In India This Month: August 2023

August had some crazy and bizarre moments this year. Some of them were hilarious, some heartwarming, and some outright horrific. Nevertheless, each event took us by surprise and left us wondering how could someone do this. Here is a quick recap of things that actually happened in India in August:

1. MP Man Fails To Get Intoxicated Even After 2 Bottles Of Liquor; Lodges A Complaint With State Home Minister!

What would you do if you consumed alcohol and didn’t get high? Maybe praise your tolerance level or if smell something fishy, maybe complain to the liquor shop. No! This middle-aged man from Ujjain went to the Home Ministry and the Excise Department when he failed to get intoxicated even after consuming two bottles of liquor. He sensed that the liquor was adulterated and wanted an investigation regarding the same. The Ministry acknowledged his complaint and assured him to look into this matter.

2. Lucknow Gang Produces Fake Notes Taking Inspiration From Shahid Kapoor’s Farzi

There are so many colorful ways in which fraudsters carry out illegal activities. The latest one is being inspired by movies and shows. One such incident took place in Lucknow where a gang produced fake notes taking inspiration from Shahid Kapoor’s Farzi had an uncanny resemblance to the real currency. They are operative in different parts of the country including West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and others. A gang of five people took inspiration from the latest web series, Farzi, and produced fake or counterfeit notes with a face value of lakhs. However, their attempts came to a halt when they were arrested by the Lucknow police on Monday.

3. Man Offered Rs.100 Crore Cheque To Andhra Temple With Only Rs. 17 In His Account

Recently, a news surfaced where a man offered a Rs.100 Crore cheque to an Andhra Temple. This happened in Shri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple also known as Simhachalam Temple in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The temple authorities were shocked to learn about this cheque which actually had no date. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the man had only Rs. 17 in his account while he dropped such a huge amount of ‘cheque’ in the temple’s hundi.

4. 8-Year-Old Boy Stuck In Lift For 2 Hours Completes His Homework To Stay Calm

In the case of poor maintenance of society buildings, an 8-year-old boy was stuck in a lift in Faridabad for two hours. He resided in Omaxe society where he was stuck in the elevator. He tried to calm himself down and did not panic in such a situation. He tried to distract himself by completing his homework while stuck inside the lift.

5. UP Man Duped Of Rs 9 Lakhs Trying To Buy A ‘Magic Mirror’ That Made People Appear Nude

In a world of bizarre news, Bhubaneswar police arrested three men for duping a 72-year-old man by selling him an apparent ‘magic mirror’ that made people appear nude. They alleged that the mirror cost 2 crore Rupees and the man paid them 9 lakhs in advance. The victim was from Kanpur and these men were from different parts of West Bengal and they met through a common-known person.

6. Gwalior Man Finally Gets His Divorce Settled With First Wife After 38 Years; He Is Retired Now.

Recently, a piece of news surfaced where a man from Gwalior got his divorce settled with his first wife after 38 years of filing the divorce application. The man, now a retired engineer, was married to a girl in the year 1981 and filed for a divorce with her after 4 years of marriage in 1985. The case spiraled so badly and was messed up in the dreadlocks of the judicial system that it took him 38 years to finally have the case settled. He even got married the second time and have children, who are married by the time he is getting his divorce from his first marriage settled out.

7. Girl From Chhattisgarh Climbs A 150-Feet High Voltage Tower After A Fight With Boyfriend

In Chhattisgarh’s Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi district, an incident was reported where a woman was seen on top of a high-tension electric tower. Soon her boyfriend was also spotted climbing the tower to save her and bring her back. The people gathered there made a video that went viral on the internet. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the girl who identified as Anita Bhaina was angry over an argument with her boyfriend Mukesh which prompted her to take this risky yet bizarre step.

8. UP Woman Mistakes Stranger For Her Long-Lost Husband; Brings Him Home.

In a bizarre turn of events, a woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Balia district brought home a stranger as she mistook him for her long-lost husband. It all started when the woman, Janaki Devi, brought home a specially-abled man thinking he was her missing husband, Moti Chand who had been gone for 10 years. She even called her kids to bring a kurta for him. She then took the man home thinking he is Moti Chand. But later when she checked for birthmarks on his body, she realised that he was someone else. Turns out the man was not Moti Chand but someone named Rahul. Upon realising her mistake, she called the village head and other people to confirm his identity. Rahul was then reunited with his family.

9. In MP a woman’s loud burps caused a fight with neighbours to an extent where knives were pulled out!

In a bizarre yet funny turn of events, a woman from Indore, Madhya got into a fight with her neighbour due to burps. Turns out the woman was suffering from severe acidity that caused her to burp loudly much to the annoyance of her neighbours. Her husband tried to explain to them her medical predicament which seemed to only anger the neighbours further. And what started as a verbal argument soon turned into a huge physical fight and even knives came out. Police intervened finally and took care of this burp violence!

10. Surat Man Poses as an ISRO Scientist and gives interviews to Local Media taking all the credit for Chandrayaan-3!

A private tutor, Mitul Trivedi, hailing from Surat was arrested by police for identity theft as he posed as an ISRO scientist and conducted interviews with local media outlets. He also alleged that he was the scientist behind the Chandrayaan-3’s lander module which is an important part of the mission. He made all these false claims to gather media attention but was soon caught in his act. Taking credits for Chandrayaan-3 is something only ISRO scientists can do!

11. Class 8 Student From Himachal Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Punishment Over Incomplete Homework

Recently, a student from class 8 in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, faked his own kidnapping to avoid the consequences of incomplete homework. The matter was taken up by the Kot police station. Everything that the boy said was a made-up story. This came to light when after hearing about the boy’s ordeal, the family informed the police about the incident. The cops looked into the matter and checked the CCTV footage to verify the boy’s account. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the whole incident was fabricated. The boy made up this false story as he was scared of the consequences of his unfinished holiday homework as the school re-opened after a long monsoon vacation on 31st July.

This was it for the things that actually happened in India in August. Some were shocking and some were just funny. We wait for September has in store for us!

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